About Westville, Durban – South Africa

by Kojo Pocu
Westville Durban

Being close to Durban’s downtown, Westville’s selection of lodging options, which includes a variety of guesthouses and B&Bs, is very practical. The amazing thing about Westville is that it’s close to Durban hotels yet still manages to be a serene and lovely residential neighbourhood.

While only 15 minutes from the city centre, Westville, which is located between Sherwood and Pinetown, is surrounded by rolling hills, gardens with trickling streams, and tree-lined avenues that put you even closer to places like the Pavilion shopping centre and Pietermaritzburg.

Due to its past as a farming area in the early 1920s, Westville has long acted as a gentrified, slower-paced suburb of Durban. People come here to live a more “country” lifestyle. Although it may not have the same allure as Hillcrest, this neighbourhood is nonetheless reasonably priced despite the nation’s recent real estate boom. The homes are situated on sizable lots, and many of them have steep driveways of some kind.

Westville has developed into a significant business hub, and office parks have drawn a number of large corporations. Professional firms prefer operating here since the area is accessible, slightly cooler than Durban, and bordered by the N3 and M19.

The University of KwaZulu Natal’s Westville, Duban campus is located in the neighbourhood and, in addition to being a rather attractive campus, also has a Hindu temple and an Islamic place of worship, reflecting the diversity of its student body who come here to pursue degrees in science, engineering, the humanities, and social science, among other fields.

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