Accra City Guide: Top 10 Restaurant and Location.

Restaurants have become one of the most popular infrastructures needed to boost tourism in every country. Remember my childhood memory, my family and I travel to have fun and experience great food at some classic restaurants. Mostly known to be continental, international, and local restaurants, with a beautiful atmosphere and smooth classic music. Have no idea of your childhood memories, but I’m pretty sure you have visited a restaurant before.
As a tour guide, I have rounded up a list of the best restaurant in Accra, ranging from a large chain to new and emerging restaurants.
Scroll down to see the list. Whiles, you’re here make sure to also check out the 10 bars you should visit in Accra.

Lord of The Wings.

Location: Spintex Road, Cantonment, East Legon.

This the best restaurant for your family and friends. Found throughout midtown and downtown area of the capital. It has franchise all over the globe with international dishes and it always make you feel as home. Give you the great home-food-away-from-home experience.
One tip from me, if you are in a group and you order a mix of the Tex-Mex and Asian, they may come at different times as they come from two separate kitchens. They serve the best wings in the country.

Coco Lounge

Location: Stanbic Heights, liberation link, Accra.

On the liberation link street of Accra is where you can find a trendy place like this. International restaurant with vegetarian-friendly, vegan options, and gluten-free options. Beautiful decor and lighting for instagrammable pictures. One of the best restaurants in Ghana and quickly gained popularity. Hip and fun, good music, good stuff, and choreography for guest birthday.

Papa Cuisine

Location: Hayford road, Alliance Françoise, Accra.

It was rated 4.5 by expects and you can figure that out when you visit. Recently my uber driver made a wrong turn inside Alliance Françoise, so I decided to use his mistake to change the location for my date and that was the best date ever. Service rending is on point, their pizza is cheap but delicious and the best beef fillet ever.

Frankie’s Food

Location: Oxford Street, Osu.

The Oxford street Osu always provide the best experience on any occasion, from best bars, clubs, shops, and restaurant. This is the best restaurant on Oxford street for family, friends, and date. You can enjoy the view on the street and if you want the best ice cream shop in Ghana Frankie’s food got you covered.


Location: Spintex Road, Lapaz. East Legon.

Growing up, this was the best restaurant and I remember I always cry to my parent to get me food from there on their way home. Papaye began in almost 31 years ago. The restaurant quickly gained popularity and expanded all over Ghana and eventually reaching 314 stores by 2020 in the country. The restaurant can now be found all over the capital and the second latest city in Ghana, Kumasi.

Starbites Food

Location: Legon, Botwe, East Legon, Hastoo.

In 2011, starbites was developed by Eric Andoh and Deborah Andoh. Their concept was to develop a small restaurant and showcase some of the favorite food from places they had traveled to around the world, the contemporary flavor from the America to Asia fused with Ghanaian dishes to compliment all taste. And now they all over the capital.

Simret – The taste of Ethiopia.

Location: Roman Ridge, S Ridge 7A street, Accra.

Although it won’t have many branches in the capital but Simret is more about enjoying great African food and drinks. Best stuffs to serve you great African dishes, international, and also get a great chance to talk to the owner.

Le Must

Location: Labone & Accra mall

For 20 years, Le Must has been a farce among Accra’s eateries, and the big news is that they have now opened another branch in Accra mall. Offering a basic but tasty menu including fried rice, noodles, steaks, seafoods, and salah. It’s a tidy and pleasant spot in the renovated mall.

Santoku Restaurant

Location: North Airport Road Azure, Villaggio Vista.

This one of the best Japanese restaurants in Ghana and known to be the modern-style Japanese restaurant. If you want a place with sushi, vegetarian-friendly, vegan options and gluten-free options Santoku is the best place to visit. Experience your first Japanese food here and you will never regret it.

Sankofa Restaurant.

Location: independence Avenue, Accra.

If you are tired of all the restaurants above and you need first-class and 5star luxury, this is the best restaurant you should visit. It’s all-day dining restaurant, offers multi-ethnic cuisine and serving sumptuous with a variety of food. They have one of the popular Sunday buffet offers in the country.

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