Accra To Takoradi – Ultimate travel Guide

by Kojo Pocu

Takoradi is a port city and the capital of Ghana’s Western region. Takoradi is a significant port. It is also known as The Oil City because of the vast amounts of oil found on its coastlines. With a population of 25000 people, it is undoubtedly one of Ghana’s busiest cities. The city is home to a number of distinct tribes, including the Fantes, Nzema, Ahanta, and others. Takoradi features a number of intriguing locations worth mentioning. Thousands of visitors visit each year to learn about the culture and heritage of its people. And most travelers start their trip from Accra to Takoradi.

Takoradi is one of the top tourist destinations in Ghana because of its fine beaches. If you are in Ghana and looking for beach resort destinations, I recommend you add Takoradi to your bucket list. In this post, will give you a guide on how you can travel from Accra to Takoradi. Either by flight, bus, or self-driving.

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Accra to Takoradi

Flight From Accra To Takoradi

The best and fastest way to go to Takoradi is via plane. It may, however, be less cost-effective than other modes of transportation. To use this method, you must know how to purchase a flight ticket either online or in person.

Many Ghanaian airlines offer low-cost flights from Accra to Takoradi. You may order a ticket both online and in-person with some flight services. Others are entirely virtual, with no physical presence.

In this piece, I’ll discuss a few Ghanaian flight providers that offer low-cost flights from Accra to Takoradi. Check out my guide on how to find inexpensive flight tickets to anywhere if you’re new to booking flight tickets online.

Cheap Flight Service From Accra to Tamale

Accra to Takoradi

AWA (Africa World Airlines)

Africa Would Airline is one of Ghana’s most popular airline services. On September 21, 2012, it made its first commercial flight. The airline has maintained profitability by increasing flight frequency and route networks.

AWA has done a lot since its inception seven years ago. International airlines with which they have built relationships include South African Airways, Emirates, Brussels Airlines, ASKY Airline, and Ethiopian Airlines. Their mission is to connect travelers with incredible airline deals at reasonable prices. It’s one of the best options when looking for affordable flight tickets from Accra to Takoradi.


Fly PassionAir is one of Ghana’s greatest domestic airlines, with low rates. They have been operating in Ghana since August 2018. Their mission is to give a memorable and adaptable vacation experience.

They seek to provide Ghana’s aviation market with timely, safe, and secure schedules between Accra and a number of significant destinations. PassionAir provides regular domestic flights from Accra to Kumasi, Takoradi, and Tamale. PassionAir is the best option if you want to fly within the country for a cheap price. Check out my instructions to booking a PassionAir flight. is an online travel agency, not an airline, that provides you with affordable and exciting flight options. Flight booking is no longer limited to airline companies. Hundreds of websites provide the best budget deals, and one of my favorites is

The site not only assists with flight bookings, but also hotels, trains, car rentals, tours, and tickets. is a terrific travel website that can help you plan all of your trips and tours. But first, let’s look at the flight deals.

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vip bus station

Bus From Accra To Tamale

Overall, taking the bus to Takoradi is the cheapest and most convenient option. A ticket does not need to be purchased in advance, either online or elsewhere. Simply go to any major transportation company in your area and ask for a bus to Takoradi (isn’t that simple?).

The main disadvantage is that you will be on the road for a long time. However, these buses have lots of legroom. The Circle (Accra) Station VIP bus business or one can get those minivans at the Kaneshie lorry station Passengers can rest and continue their journey at rest spots along the way.

Self-driving From Accra To Takoradi

Road trip to Takoradi can be one of your best travel experiences. It is safe and there are so many stops on the way you would love to experience. Read my SECRETS OF THE N1 ROAD to help you plan your self-driving from Accra to Takoradi.

How Much is Flight From Accra To Takoradi

Accra to Takoradi Flight Price:

Cheapest return ticket priceUS$68 Accra(ACC) ⇒ Takoradi(TKD)
Cheapest direct flight priceUS$34 Accra(ACC) ⇒ Takoradi(TKD)
Peak season for travelAugust US$49
Off-season for travelMay US$30

How Long Is Flight From Accra To Takoradi?

The total flight duration from Accra, Ghana to Takoradi, Ghana is 44 minutes. This assumes an average flight speed for a commercial airliner of 500 mph, which is equivalent to 805 km/h or 434 knots. It also adds an extra 30 minutes for take-off and landing.

Do You Need a Passport To Travel From Accra To Takoradi?

No, you don’t need a passport for domestic flights within Ghana. However, you will need some form of photo identification that is issued by a government body. If you do decide to use your passport as identification, it needs to be valid and in date.

How Much Is The Fare From Tema To Takoradi?

Bus Fare from Accra to Takoradi is about Ghc55.00 Vip bus and Ghc50.00 minivans at Kaneshie lorry station. Due to fuel prices shooting up in the country, prices may change. It is best to set a budget in case the prices change.

How Many Hours From Circle To Takoradi?

From Circle to Takoradi is about 4 hours, 30 minutes. There might be stops on the way for passengers to rest, use the washroom, and buy something.