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by Kojo Pocu
Birthday Bar And Grill

Anyone who is familiar with East Legon knows that it is one of the best places in Ghana to go for a crazy night out, dining, shopping, and other exciting activities. The Birthday Bar And Grill is one of the best eateries in East Legon and is one of the best restaurants in Accra.

Located in a serene environment at East Legon with an authentic Ghanaian atmosphere. With many visitors passing through each and every day, it has grown into a communal place for people who enjoy outdoor dining and takeaway. Birthday Bar And Grill over the years has managed to build three branches in Ghana. The main one is in Mempeasem-East Legon and Dodowa. One can also get the restaurants in Kumasi. The restaurant offers a variety of foods and drinks. They also offer dine-in, pick-up, and delivery services. Birthday restaurant is also available on some online food vendor websites like Jumia food, Bolt food and Glovo.

Birthday Bar And Grill Menu


1. CHICKEN WINGSa park of wingsGH₵ 35
2. YAM AND PORKa plate of yam and porkGH₵ 45
3. YAM ONLYA plate of fried yamGH₵ 7
4. PORK ONLYA plate of porkGH₵ 40
5. YAM AND PORK SELECTED plate of yam and pork (selected)GH₵ 55
6. BANKU ball of bankuGH₵ 2.5
7. TILAPIA ONLYGrilled tilapiaGH₵ 35
8. BANKU(2 BALLS) AND TILAPIAtwo balls of banku and tilapiaGH₵ 40
9. YAM AND TILAPIAA plate of yam and tilapiaGH₵ 45
10. PORK SELECTEDa plate of pork selectedGH₵ 45


1. Chicken & Beef Pizzatomatoes, green pepper, onion, mushroom, cheese, Chicken, and beefGH₵ 35
2. Mixed PizzaMixed PizzaGH₵ 40
3. Pork Pizzatomatoes, green pepper, onion, mushroom, cheese and porkGH₵ 45
4. Chicken & Pork Pizzatomatoes, green pepper, onion, mushroom, cheese, and pork, ChickenGH₵ 35
5. Chicken Pizzatomatoes, green pepper, onion, mushroom, cheese and chickenGH₵ 45
Birthday Bar and Grill


1. Plain Rice and Pork Stew (large)Plain Rice and Pork StewGH₵ 50
2. Pork Stew SmallPork Stew SmallGH₵ 35
3. Pork Stew LargePork Stew LargeGH₵ 45
4. Jollof & PorkJollof & PorkGH₵ 50
5. Plain Rice OnlyChoose pork stewGH₵ 13


1. Canned MaltCanned MaltGH₵ 7
2. HeinekenCannedGH₵ 8
3. Origin ZeroOrigin ZeroGH₵ 7
4. Pineapple & Ginger DrinkPineapple & Ginger DrinkGH₵ 7
5. Pineapple DrinkPineapple DrinkGH₵ 7
6. AppetizerAppetizerGH₵ 7
7. Canned CokeCanned CokeGH₵ 6


Tel: 024 447 7164

Email: [email protected]



Around UPSA, Mempeasem-East Legon

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