Camps Bay Beach – Cape Town Beaches

by Kojo Pocu
Camps Bay Beach

No matter where you choose to stay in Cape Town, you must visit this well-known beach. Between Lions Head and Table Mountain, Camps Bay Beach is the gathering place for sunbathers and sunset watchers. While sand, palm trees, and a sparkling waterfall on the ocean side of the beach road, cafes, bars, and restaurants are situated on the mountainside. A beach town dream-style of the sea and be scene meets a cosmopolitan lifestyle of see-and-be-seen fashionistas.

Easy access to the beach and lazy beach days are made possible by the absence of stairs. While dedicated sunbathers follow the direction of the African sun, rented deck chairs begin the day parallel to the shore, eventually facing calm waves perpendicular to sunset.

After a lengthy cross-beach trek, get your toes nipped by the chilly Atlantic water so that they can alert your body to the refreshing return swim. A professional massage in the on-site massage gazebo rounds out the vacation leisure package.

Beachgoers at Camps Bay Beach keep active with volleyball, beach volley, and frisbee, and they are hydrated by mobile vendors. Take advantage of the first wind-free opportunity to be mesmerized by the beauty of this beach. Children play all day, dogs wander in the early mornings and late evenings, but the wind can come up at any time and blow you away.

Stay the day and park where you can. Kelp is nowhere to be found, umbrellas are available for hire, sunglasses are for sale, and memories last a lifetime.

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