Carbon Nightclub – Best Nightclubs In Accra

by Kojo Pocu
Carbon Nightclub

Nightlife is absolutely a way of life. Yep, it’s not just about stepping out to have fun but you need to be well and truly taken care of. And there are nightclubs in Accra that is perfect for your nightlife fun. Carbon nightclub is one of the best places to visit if you are looking for wild nightlife in the city of Accra.

This club, which is sponsored by YoLo Experience, is located at the penthouse of Icon House, far away from the busy streets of Airport City and Liberation Road. A luxurious experience with “unexpected quirks and surprises,” according to the advertising.

A luxurious lounge club with unusual eccentricities and unanticipated shocks. Visitors enter a wonderful, enigmatic realm of opulent hedonism, chic surrealism, and neo-nightclubbing high above Accra, Ghana, in West Africa. Here, surprises are around every corner.

The club’s DNA is dramatic entertainment, and a collective of the world’s best designers, artists, and performers have put together the Carbon nightlife Concept. Visitors to the most opulent destination for international style-setters have been discovering the unexpected and enjoying nightlife like never before since it opened in late December 2016.

“Prepare yourself for the unexpected as you step through the looking glass. Discover nightlife like never before at the most opulent location for international trendsetters. Inhale a vodka-infused mist while kissing in the Infinity Kissing Booth, which is manned by enormous golden gummi bears. As you vanish into the night to join the dance, fire performers light up the night.

There may not be much that sets Carbon NightClub apart from many other clubs in Accra. It is situated on the second floor above the already well-liked Urban Grill. However, there is a sizable dance floor and a VIP area, where a procession of attractive waitresses transport champagne bottles. The interior design, with its bank of windows facing out from its elevated location and taking in a city panorama of Liberation Road and Silver Star Tower, is what distinguishes this location.

Carbon Nightclub

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