Drummond, Valley of 1000 Hills – Durban

by Kojo Pocu

On 1000 Hills Road, Drummond, which is famed for being the location of the Comrades Marathon’s midway point, is situated exactly halfway between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. The region that is now Drummond was inhabited by tribal groups less than 200 years ago, and their way of life was deep in history and rich in culture. However, these were gone by the time Captain Percy J. Kingham and his future wife Elise arrived in the area in 1902. The Kinghams started their own farm, selling their goods to Durban distributors. Later, they opened a butcher shop to provide local farm workers with meat. The farm expanded alongside the people. Even after the Captain passed away, his wife was placed in charge of the growing empire, demonstrating her abilities as a successful entrepreneur.

Drummond, which is still accessible to important towns and tourist destinations, has preserved much of its rich history and provides travellers with a place to stay that is both historically significant and charming in its own right. The half-scale replica of South Africa’s first steam train, created by Temple Mervyn Humphries in 1966, is open to visitors. The train that served as the inspiration for this one made its inaugural run between Durban Point and the city centre in 1860.

Nearby mountain Gelengele is not only aesthetically pleasing but it may also be explored by people who want to experience authentic African wilderness firsthand. Around Drummond, there are numerous horseback riding trails. These are excellent options for tourists (or residents) who want to see KwaZulu-beauty Natal from the elevated comfort of a well-trained, receptive horse.

Among the several communities that are close to Drummond are Botha’s Hill, Inchanga Park, Hillcrest, Belvedere, and Hilldene. Drummond, which is approximately 45 kilometres from Durban, serves as a handy and central starting point from which to explore this region of South Africa’s beauty.

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