How To Win Green Card Lottery

by Kojo Pocu
Visa To Ghana From USA

Many people who have won the Green Card Lottery have realised their dreams, while those whose family members and friends have also won can only hope and wait for their turn.

The stress of hoping to win the Green Card Lottery can be debilitating. One wishes there was a method that could be used to ensure that they would win if they applied. In most circumstances, though, it is quite difficult to obtain. However, there is one silver lining among the lengthy application processes for all types of immigrants: the Green Card Lottery, which is open to persons from nearly any background.

Unfortunately, there is no technique, but there are several things you can do to improve your chances of winning.

What Is Green Card Lottery

The Green Card Lottery permits 55,000 people from all around the world to immigrate to the United States each year without having extraordinary qualifications, family in the United States, or a job.

Anyone who meets the comparatively minimal entry requirements set by the US government has a chance to win the lottery by completing a few simple steps. Every year between May and June, the winners are picked in a lottery run by the US government.

The programme is known as the “Green Card Lottery” or “dvlottery” because the winners are picked at random from among the 10–12 million individuals who apply each year from all over the world.

The United States takes pride in its open-door policy toward immigration. On the other hand, certain countries send significantly more people to the United States than others. Mexico, China, and the Philippines, for example, have much more immigrants than the bulk of other countries combined. The United States limits immigration from various parts of the world in order to maintain demographic variety.

As a result, the DV Lottery has granted 55,000 so-called Green Cards to the United States at random every year since 1994.

How To Win Green Card Lottery


Avoid multiple entries

You should avoid filing more than one entry at all costs. Your application will be automatically disqualified and rejected outright as a result of this. Married couples can have distinct entries with their partners listed as spouses in each.

Get the Photos right

The most crucial step is to take the correct photo. The passport photos that will be used in the application must meet certain requirements.

The photo should not be older than six months, and there is a validation link on the E-DV website where you may test your photo to make sure it fulfils the requirements before submitting it. The image must have a colour depth of 25 bits.

A resolution of 600 by 600 pixels to 1200 by 1200 pixels is recommended.

Don’t Rush, also Don’t Be Late

Don’t register too soon, and don’t wait until the last possible moment. During these times, the system may become clogged, and your entry may not be correctly sent.

Don’t submit your application too soon after the notice that the website is open for entries is made. When a large number of people apply at the same time, the system may become clogged. Similarly, don’t submit your application too late; too many individuals apply “at the last minute,” putting additional strain on the system, which may cause it to jam and fail to submit your entry properly.

How Green Card winners are selected?

The winners of the Diversity Visa lottery are selected at random by a computer algorithm, with a set number of visas awarded to each region of the world and no single country obtaining more than 7% of the Diversity Visas available in any given year.

What is the easiest way to get Green Card?

The Green Card Lottery is the most straightforward way to obtain a Green Card. Every year, the US Department of State distributes 55,000 Green Cards through the Diversity Visa Program.

Is it easy to win Green Card?

According to long-term in-house research by the American Dream Web, the chances of earning a Green Card are currently approximately 1:25 to 1:75 (depending on where you live) — most recently about 1:45 for Europeans. This indicates that about one out of every 45 participants will receive a Green Card.