Laaiplek, Cape West Coast – All You Need To Know

by Kojo Pocu

Laaiplek, which is almost identical to Velddrif and is the part of town nearest to the sea on the west side, gets its name from being a spot where fishermen may unload their day’s catch onto a pier.

The Berg River forms the centre of Laaiplek, and its pier is a hub of activity, especially in the late afternoon as fishing boats sail by and toss out their day’s catch to be weighed and subsequently picked up by whatever market has purchased the day’s catch. Local fish markets receive some of the fish, although the decision is made more based on price than on proximity.

The quayside is home to a vibrant assortment of fishing boats, the majority of which are vintage wooden boats with vibrant paint jobs and names like Doloreze, Roseveld, and Excalibur. The earliest fishing factory was located at Laaiplek’s harbour, and the fish business and canning of fish are still evident today. Ride down Bokkoms Laan in Velddrif to see evidence of the fish biltong hanging on racks. The majority of the fish collected here are sardines or haarders, which are then salted and hung out to dry.

Laaiplek has developed beyond its original role as a harbour. Although Velddrif used to be two kilometres up the road, the two have amalgamated, and now Laaiplek’s Spar and the nearby little eateries feel like they are a part of Velddrif.

However, the fishing community is still vibrant today, and if you want to get a sense of how people live here, take a stroll along the quayside on a recent afternoon and join the seagulls and other visitors who come to experience the excitement.

Laaiplek Map

Laaiplek Map

Best Accommodation Option In Laaiplek

Laaiplek Hotel

Laaiplek Hotel

On the banks of the Berg River, close to the harbour, is where you’ll find the Laaiplek Hotel. The hotel has a view that can best be described as serene but fascinating, with a variety of birds and fishing trawlers coming and going right in front of you. You may observe thousands of birds going out to sea for the day from the hotel terrace in the morning before they return in the late afternoon to spend the night in the salt pans.

The hotel offers three single and four double rooms with private patios and bathrooms. The Berg River can be seen beautifully from three of the double rooms.

There are three self-contained rooms, each with its own entrance. In front of your room, you park your car. Twin beds and an en suite bathroom are featured in each room. Private patios with braais and sculleries are provided in these rooms. The SABC and DStv channels can be watched in any of the rooms.

The hotel houses the Eigebraai Restaurant. Dinner, lunch, and breakfast are available. On a windy day, you can choose to relax inside or outside on the terrace to take in the stunning scenery and sunsets. Relax and enjoy tasty seafood and regionally produced cuisine with friends or family.

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