List Of TV Stations In Ghana You Should Watch

by Kojo Pocu
TV Stations In Ghana

In our homes, companies, clubs, and everywhere else we can install a TV set, television is employed as a medium or source of communication and entertainment. One of the most popular search terms in Ghana is “list of TV stations in Ghana,” thus I made the decision to produce a guide to assist you to learn about all of your favourite TV stations in Ghana.

In Ghana, television stations are divided into “free to air TV stations, private television stations, and public Tv stations.” In this post, will list all TV stations in Ghana along with their operating region and the group they fall into.

Note: Not all regions in Ghana have or host a television station. If your region is not listed, that means there is no station operating there.

TV Stations In Ghana

TV Stations In Ghana

Greater Accra Region TV Stations

Of Ghana’s 16 administrative regions, the Greater Accra region has the smallest area, covering a total of 3,245 square kilometres of territory. This makes up 1.4 per cent of Ghana’s total land area. With a population of 4,010,054 in 2010, the region is the second most populated after the Ashanti region.

With 87.4% of the population residing in urban areas, the region is the most urbanised in the nation. Check out the list of TV station that falls under Greater Accra Region.

  • Konkonsa TV
  • Adom TV
  • Agoo TV
  • Ashaiman TV
  • Atinka TV
  • Bryt TV
  • Citi TV
  • Crystal TV
  • DGN
  • Ghana
  • Family TV
  • GHOne TV
  • GTV
  • GBC 2
  • Homebase TV
  • Kantanka TV
  • Max TV
  • Metro TV
  • Net 2 TV
  • Obonu TV
  • Oceans TV
  • Onua TV
  • Pan-African TV
  • Praise TV
  • Trotro TV
  • TV Africa
  • TV XYZ
  • TV3
  • TV 7
  • UTV
  • Zylofon TV
  • Joy Prime
  • 4Syte TV
  • LwPlus TV in
  • Dominion TV
  • 3Music TV

Ashanti Region TV Stations

With a total land area of 24,389 km2, or 10.2% of Ghana’s total land area, the Ashanti region, which lies in the south of the country, is the third-largest of Ghana’s 16 regions. However, in terms of population, it is the most populous area, with 4,780,380 people as of the 2010 Census. The area is well-known for its significant cocoa and gold bar output. View the list of television stations in the Ashanti region.

  • ATV
  • Kessben TV
  • ZTV
  • GC TV

Northern Region TV Stations

One of Ghana’s sixteen regions is the Northern one. It is situated in the country’s north and is the largest of all the regions, making up 70,384 square kilometres, or 31% of Ghana’s total area. Look at the TV stations in the northern area.

  • NTV
  • Sagani TV
  • Might TV
  • Zaa TV
  • Saha TV
  • Discovery Television (fmr)
TV Stations In Ghana

Digital Terrestrial Free-To-Air Television Program Channels

Two categories of digital terrestrial free-to-air television content are available in the nation. While some media outlets focus on particular regions in Ghana, others cover the entire nation. Following is a list of Ghana’s digital terrestrial online TV channels along with a frequency breakdown:

Nationwide Coverage Frequencies

There are about 26 of these channels, however, only five are active. The majority of currently in use media broadcast on both analogue and digital frequencies. There are several operational, nationwide, digital terrestrial free-to-air channels, including:

  • KFS (Channel 7) under Viasat Broadcasting G Limited
  • Three Angels Broadcasting Limited (Channel 20)
  • Crystal Prime, Crystal Extra, Crystal Plus (Channel 7, 8, 9) – Crystal Radiovision Network Limited
  • Net 2 (Channel 13) under Net 2 TV Limited
  • TV3 (Channel 11) under TV3 Network Limited
  • Hba TV & Communications Network Ghana Limited (Channel 18)

Regional Coverage Frequencies

Digital terrestrial free-to-air television is now offered by Ghana’s broadcasting firms. Only two of the four permitted firms have their channels broadcasting. The operating businesses consist of;

  • Otv Broadcasting Limited airs OTV, channel 45
  • Royal Image Broadcasting Limited airs ROYAL TV, channel 44

Analogue Terrestrial Television Stations

There are about 21 analogue terrestrial television stations in the nation, some of which are not in operation. The most widely watched channel in this group is UTV Ghana, which is owned by U2 Company Ltd. Here are some additional stations you can listen to:

  • Corporation GTV under Ghana Broadcasting
  • TV3 under TV 3 Network Limited
  • Metro TV under Metropolitan Entertainment Television
  • TV AFRICA under Television Africa Ltd
  • CRYSTAL TV under Crystal Radiovision Network Ltd
  • NET 2 TV under NET 2 TV Limited
  • TOP TV under Independent TV Limited – Greater Accra Region
  • E-TV Ghana under K & N Investment
  • VIASAT 1 under Viasat Broadcasting Ltd
  • GH ONE under Multiple Concepts
  • Light TV under Smart Multimedia
  • CAFDIL under The Cardinal Foundation for Distance Learning (CAFDIL)
  • Coastal TV under Centre for Intercultural Learning Talent & Development, AGORO
  • Kantan KA TV under Great Kosa Company Ltd
  • CTV under C Television Limited
  • Digital terrestrial pay television (service and frequency)
  • Cable Gold under CATV Limited – Greater Accra Region
  • Crystal TV under Crystal Radiovision Network Limited
  • First Digital under Wilsad Support Limited
  • GoTV under GoTV Ghana Limited
  • Nour Vision Ghana Limited
TV Stations In Ghana

Digital Terrestrial Pay Television (service only)

The provider of the network services for Smart TV is the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC). Next Generation Broadcasting Limited oversees GBC. Only one station in this category, Smart TV, has eight channels. The Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions are covered by the station.

Satellite Television Broadcasting

There are two sorts of satellite TV bouquets available in Ghana: pay TV direct-to-home and free-to-air direct-to-home. Any station from any of the two groups is acceptable as long as it meets your requirements.

Pay TV Direct-To-Home Bouquet

The number of permitted Pay TV Direct-to-home satellite broadcasting firms in the nation is greater than 10. The only live online TV stations in Ghana in this category are, however, these few:

  • DStv under MULTICHOICE
  • MYTV under Strong Digital Technologies Ltd
  • KWESE TV under Econet Media Ghana Limited

Free-To-Air Direct-To-Home Bouquet

In Ghana, Multi TV is the only free-to-air broadcaster. Multimedia Broadcasting Company Ltd. owns the station. The more than 50 permitted satellite broadcasting firms in Ghana don’t have any active free-to-air channels. Some of them consist of:

  • Benie TV Limited
  • Evolution Multimedia Group Limited
  • Champion Broadcasting Limited
  • Tosh for All Company Limited
  • Mega-Choice Digital Network Limited 5. Digital cable television

Digital Cable Television

Are there digital cable TV channels in Ghana? Only Simba Media Ghana Limited provides cable digital TV services in the nation. Only those living in the Greater Accra region can access the station via an optical fibre cable connection.