Milpark, Johannesburg – All You Need To Know

by Kojo Pocu

A growing neighbourhood called Milpark is located in the centre of the former Industria, sandwiched between Parktown to the east and Melville to the west. It is located directly north of the campus of the University of Johannesburg and The Film, Design and Performance Academy, east of Auckland Park, with Empire Road passing through its centre (AFDA). Officially, Braamfontein has control over Milpark.

It is primarily known for 44 Stanley Avenue, a collection of abandoned industrial 1930s buildings located just south of Empire Road. It is described as a “walled, post-industrial low-rise environment with interlinking courtyards.”

44 Stanley is “the opposite of consumer tack and a roadmap for future mall building,” as Lonely Planet so eloquently puts it. It is one of the most fashionable areas in town thanks to its shaded arcades, tree-filled courtyards, stunning architecture, and unique mix of restaurants and stores.

44 Stanley is a renegotiation of space, much like the Maboneng precinct and the revitalization of Braamfontein. 25 shops, eateries, and creative studios are housed in the complex of buildings, which is arranged around interconnecting courtyards. Johannesburg frequently has lunch there.

These kinds of construction are a recent occurrence in Johannesburg. They are very well-liked. They are much more appealing given that they are surrounded by impoverished, abandoned urban areas since Johannesburg is recovering the city. 44 Stanley is conveniently next to the Rea Vaya Milpark bus stop, making it accessible. Soweto, Pennyville, Highgate, Stanley Avenue, Kingsway, Empire Road, Parktown, and Braamfontein are among the stops on the 18-kilometre bus route.

Milpark Map

Milpark is a bus stop in Gauteng. Milpark is situated nearby to Frank Brown Park, and close to 1st German Scout Hall.

Milpark Map

Things To Do At Milpark, Johannesburg

Visit The 44 Stanley


Especially in terms of shopping, this is a breath of new air. The 44 Stanely Avenue Precinct in Johannesburg has busy malls but no artificial lighting. You can browse through our variety of boutique shops and really enjoy that session of shopping therapy. You can take a break from the regular mall trawlers and find yourself among like-minded people who appreciate boutique shopping at an industrial depot in the business district of Milpark, Johannesburg.

You can shop ’til you drop in a variety of bespoke clothes boutiques, as well as restaurants, bookshops, furniture stores, and art galleries. Head into one of the two outdoor courtyards on a nice afternoon and indulge in a delectable delicacy from the artisan bakery. You can discover anything you’re looking for, from eco-friendly to retro!

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