Mount Moreland, Umhlanga Coast – Durban

by Kojo Pocu
Mount Moreland

The small town of Mount Moreland is only 30 kilometres north of Durban, KwaZulu-booming Natal’s urban epicentre and the state’s capital. The three million European barn swallows that roost here every year between spring (starting in September) and summer, despite the region’s tiny size and location in a conservation area, make it famous in this part of the world (ending around February).

The annual Return of the Swallows Festival commemorates the swallows’ return and showcases the area’s lush landscapes, plentiful wetlands, and pleasant weather. These conditions are ideal for a wide variety of other bird, plant, and land-based animal species as well, making this area of Africa a genuine “green lung.” Additionally, Umdloti Beach, a little resort town that is almost always peaceful but comes alive with tourists during the summer and around Easter, is close by.

In the 1950s, Mount Moreland was first developed as a municipality or unofficial settlement. Most of the plots are still privately owned today, some of which have houses on them and others of which remain empty. However, a recent move to rezone Mount Moreland means that construction in line with eco-friendly criteria is once again receiving attention. Both visitors and locals will enjoy this, so it’s exciting for everyone. While tourists are privy to taking part in the celebration of South Africa’s splendour, locals benefit financially from development and the tourism sector.

Additionally, Mount Moreland is positioned conveniently. It is less than three kilometres from the new King Shaka International Airport, which is where many people start their South African trip, and it is only 30 minutes by car from Durban. Its ideal location to welcome and host people from all around the world is another key factor in its rezoning and development. However, the natural wealth and value of Mount Moreland and its surroundings will be the main points of attention.

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