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by Kojo Pocu
Sendiate Courier

By taking on the tasks we would have to leave everything to accomplish, delivery businesses or courier services in Ghana today save everyone a great deal of time. It is simpler to get stuff to you without moving around thanks to their services being just a call or click away. And Sendiate courier service is one of the best courier companies in Ghana to save you all the time and stress of getting your package delivered. Now you don’t have to open a different app for every package delivery. Send anything to anybody in your area through the same platform. Throughout Ghana, couriers offering hyperlocal delivery have been consolidated onto one platform thanks to Sendiate. 

Simply open Sendiate to locate the most affordable and efficient couriers in your area. Choose the one that works for you, place your order, and track it until it gets to your destination. One can download the Sendiate app on both Play Store and Apple Store or visit for more details

About Sendiate

Sendiate was born as an innovative solution to the problems that people are facing in getting different kinds of goods delivered to their target recipients using local courier services. One of the key issues that were recognized is that people have to open different apps to get different types of goods delivered fast enough at a specific price to their target recipients. Now you no longer have to download, install, and navigate different applications or even websites to send goods to different recipients on time. Through Sendiate, you can send anything to anyone in your vicinity hassle-free.


  • Live tech support
  •  Personal and Business deliveries
  • Delivers 7 days a week
  • Businesses can sign up to be on the app so they can serve more clients at a faster rate.

Why Use Sendiate?

  • Quick and Easy Search Option

Easily find all the delivery services that can send the required product over to your recipient’s place on the same day!

  • Efficient and Affordable Courier Services

Sendiate partners up with the best courier services available in your vicinity to help you make deliveries easily and quickly.

  • Make Bookings Easily through The App

Make a booking with any of the nearby couriers to deliver any type of package to a nearby recipient.

  • Easier fulfilment for the Increasing Demand for Same-day Delivery

Sendiate is providing vendors worldwide with an opportunity to grow in their home markets by using the best courier services available for same-day delivery locally.

Sendiate Courier

Sendiate Partnership

Join Sendiate and start sending more parcels every day as a courier. Dominate the Ghanaian market by making yourself more accessible through Sendiate. Ghanaian couriers can sign up to join Sendiate and receive more orders by making themselves more approachable to surrounding customers.

Why Become A Partner?

  • Find More Customers

Generating leads is the hardest part of every business. Sendiate makes it easy for any courier to find leads in its locality and deliver more packages. Scale your business quickly with Sendiate.

  • Marketing Made Easy

No need to make investments in additional marketing efforts to increase awareness. By becoming a Sendiate partner, you will become a renowned courier in your vicinity without any extra effort.

  • Retain your Brand Identity

Set your own pricing, and keep your own branding. People will recognize you by the content that you put forth on Sendiate. You can work based on your own terms and conditions and pricing plans.

  • Take Orders Directly

Sendiate smoothes out your workflow for you and makes it easier for you to receive orders and deliver packages successfully. There is no hassle involved in that for you.

  • Hyperlocal Delivery

Get in touch with the people located closest to you by signing up to become a Sendiate partner. It connects you to the customers located closest to you and enables you to monopolize your local market.

  • Take Customer Feedback

Taking customer feedback through Sendiate and implement it to improve your services. Customer feedback allows you to make sure that you are delivering your services to customers in the best way possible.


  • Stay Ahead of the Competitive Curve

Staying ahead of the competitive curve helps you scale faster. Make sure that you are just as accessible to your market as your competitors. Sendiate connects all the couriers in your locality with the same market. You can make sure that you are not left behind by competitors by remaining just as accessible.

How to Become a Sendiate Partner?

All you have to do is to click sign up as a courier and provide us with all the required information. We will do all the marketing for you. You will be able to sit back and let people place orders with your courier. Sendiate is just an extra source of leads for your business that will carry it through all kinds of times. Sign In Here

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