Three Anchor Bay, Atlantic Seaboard – Cape Town

by Kojo Pocu
Three Anchor Bay

Three Anchor Bay is located approximately ten minutes from Cape Town’s city centre, but people often ignore it since it appears that Green Point and Sea Point have seamlessly merged. Given that it is situated on the seaward side of the landmark, the stunning affluent neighbourhood nearly claims ownership of Signal Hill. Sea kayakers who travel from Three Anchor Bay along the coast to Clifton are particularly fond of the suburb’s little beach. Basically, it’s a rocky chain of pools that are perfect for this.

Follow the road’s bend at the shore, where Lion’s Head can be seen plainly in the distance, and you’ll come to Sea Point’s bustling promenade, which is behind another well-known Cape Town monument, the Mouille Point lighthouse.

No matter what time of day, the promenade is always busy with city dwellers strolling, running, rollerblading, skateboarding, or just taking in the scenery from benches along the edge of the lawns on the seaside boardwalk.

The convenience of being close to the city’s centre, the V&A Waterfront, the stadium in Green Point, and the Atlantic beaches of Camps Bay and Clifton is the main benefit of being in the picturesque bay of the city.

There are numerous attractions and things to do, and Three Anchor Bay is home to some of the hippest eateries and bars in the area. Green Point, a nearby suburb, is a charming little community with streets and avenues well worth strolling through, sidewalk cafés, and a lively nightlife that appeals to both locals and tourists.

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