Top 18 Holidays In Ghana – We Don’t Joke With Them

by Kojo Pocu
cape coast

Holidays in Ghana

There are many times people have said that you cannot be in Ghana and be bored due to certain occurrences. Amongst them is our holidays which sparks a lot of excitement for workers and students.

To express this, places like our local bars and restaurants are mostly filled on holidays by those who want to enjoy it to the maximum. Others also use it as an opportunity to rest from the pressure after the holiday at work or school. 

A holiday is a day on which a festival, religious event, or National celebration is traditionally observed. There are numerous holidays in Ghana and we are going to know more about the top 18 in this article.

These Holidays are also statutory and commemorative days which some may be changed as official announcements are made. One fact about some of the holidays is that, when the day falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, it is observed as a holiday on the coming Monday. This extra dose is what also makes Ghanaians love their holidays.

holidays in Ghana


1.New Year Day

New Year Day is celebrated on the first of January which is the beginning of every year. Just like many other countries all over the world, this day has been marked as a holiday in the Gregorian calendar.

On this day, we can find the popular social media post of starting the year better as a new person and the old ways has been done with. Most people also start out with new ways of life only to abandon them in the middle of the year. However, those who keep it up to share their journey at the end of the year.

2.Constitution Day

This is a public holiday in Ghana set aside to mark the coming into effect of the 1992 Constitution and the birth of the Fourth Republic. It’s one of the most important holidays in Ghana and we don’t joke about it.

3.Independence Day

Ghana was declared an independent nation on the 6th of March 1957. Therefore the Independence Day is considered one of the most important holidays in Ghana.

This achievement was made by our forefathers especially the Big Six. On every 6th day of March, a National Celebration is done in the form of marching and cultural display around the country in every region.

Marching is done by the various students, organizations, and security agencies in the country during the event at the independent squares. Citizens enjoy this by watching it on television, listening to the radio, or exploring social media.

4.Independence Day (In Lieu)

As Independence Day falls on Saturday in 2021, the following Monday will be a public holiday.

5.Good Friday

Good Friday is a global Christian observance as part of the Easter celebrations. This holiday falls on different Fridays either within late March or in April.

It is part of the celebrations commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. 

6.Easter Monday

After the Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday which is part of the Easter Celebration, Easter Monday is one of the days set aside for business activities and school to be suspended.

Whiles some people organize and attend church services, others join get-togethers and go to the beach. This is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and It is one of the holidays in Ghana Christians don’t joke with.

Kwehu in the Eastern Region is the best place in Ghana for Easter.

7.May Day

Also known as Workers’ day or Labor Day, May Day is a holiday not only in Ghana but in other countries as well.

It is an international holiday set aside to celebrate workers and encourage them to do more. It is celebrated on the first day of May every year.

8.May Day (In Lieu)

As Labor Day falls on a Saturday in 2021, the following Monday will be a public holiday.

9.Eid ul-Fitr

Eid ul-Fitr is a holiday to mark the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan during which Muslims fast during the hours of daylight. It is celebrated on a day within the month of May. It is considered one of the top festivals in Ghana.

10.African Union Day

On the 25th of May is a day to be recognized and made a holiday in African countries including Ghana. This is the annual commemoration of the foundation of the organization of African Unity on 25th May 1963. 

11.Eid ul-Adha

Here is also a religious holiday which is an important feast in the Muslim calendar. It celebrates the willingness of the Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ishmael in submission to Allah’s command before he was stopped by Allah.

This holiday is observed in July every year. That is the 10th day of the month of Dhul Hijja.

12.Founders Day

This statutory holiday is celebrated on August 4th which marks two important events in Ghana. It is the day of the formation of the Aborigines Rights Protection Society by John Mensah Sarbah in 1897, and the formation of the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) in 1947 by J. B. Danquah and George Alfred Paa Grant.

13.Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day

Every 21st of September in Ghana is set aside for the celebration of the birthday of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to honor and reflect on the legacy he left behind. I can say it is the most important among holidays in Ghana

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah is Ghana’s first President and amongst the founding fathers of Ghana. He is also a part of the Big Six.

14.Farmers Day

The first Friday of every December is set aside by the government as Farmers’ Day and celebrated as a statutory Public Holiday. It is a day to honor farmers and fishermen whereby the best and hardworking ones among them are awarded.

15.Christmas Day

This day which is the 25th of December is a joyful day for most Christians worldwide. In Ghana and other countries. It is public to all, irrespective of the religion you belong to. It is for the commemoration of the birth of Christ.

16.Christmas Day in lieu

As mentioned before, Christmas day falls on Saturday in 2021, the following Monday will be a public holiday.

17.Boxing Day

This day is also known as Boxing Day or St. Stephens Day. St Stephen was the first Christian Martyr. It is said that the name Boxing Day comes from presents after Christmas day which dates back to England in the Middle Ages, though the exact origin is debatable.

It is mostly celebrated by gift-giving to loved ones and the less privileged. 

18.Boxing Day in lieu

Typically, it will be moved and celebrated on the next working day, Monday since it falls on a Sunday.

Whereas others observe and recognize the holidays, others go about their usual routine. You might as well use this opportunity to visit one of the best tourist sites in Ghana. Individuals such as Market women, bartenders, hotel attendants, vendors just to mention a few can be said to not notice the whole action.

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