Top Adventure Parks In Durban – Full list

by Kojo Pocu
Adventure Parks In Durban

Durban, it is said, is brimming with tourist sites and things to do. It is always worthwhile to travel to the lovely city. The city has been developed into a popular tourist destination. There is always something for tourists visiting Durban, from amusement parks to natural reserves and some of the city’s most important historical monuments. Durban has a variety of adventure parks for you and your family to enjoy.

Plan a trip to Durban with the family and check out some great adventure parks and add to your bucket list. Feel free to share this article to help others plan their trip.

Adventure Parks In Durban

FunWorld Amusement Park

FunWorld Amusement Park Durban

Durban Funworld was the first business on the Durban beachfront, and probably in Durban, to open its doors to people of all races in the early 1970s. Durban Funworld considered the segregation rules were unjust and resisted them, notwithstanding the terms of its lease with the municipality at the time, which was governed by the Nationalist Party. The municipality threatened to terminate the lease at the time, but Nic Steyn Snr seemed unfazed. Durban Funworld was open to all races at a period when beaches, paddling pools, public toilets, hotels, and every other facility were racially segregated. This was done many years before the government or private industry offered any other facilities to people of all races.

The park is situated on the Marine Parade in Durban, this amusement park offers families a carnival themed excursion, including a variety of thrilling rides.

Adventure Parks In Durban

Flag Animal Farm

This thrilling outdoor and indoor destination provides families with a true farm experience, including pony, horse, train, and tractor rides (which are always a hit), reptile shows and handling, wolf encounters, cow milking and bottle feeding, as well as indoor and outdoor play areas. The venue is home to approximately 1000 creatures, including birds, reptiles, wolves, and alpacas, the majority of which have been rescued. This cosy and engaging experience will be a hit with the kids. On-site amenities include picnic and braai areas, as well as a coffee shop.

Adventure Parks In Durban

Mitchell Park Zoo

Mitchell Park Zoo is located in Durban’s Morningside neighbourhood and is also known as Mitchell Park or Mitchell’s Park. Mitchell Park began as an ostrich farm in 1910 and is currently Durban’s first 100% zoo. Following an unsuccessful start, more species were added, and the zoo eventually became home to a variety of massive animals, notably Nellie, an Indian elephant donated to the zoo by the Maharajah of Mysore in 1928. She could blow a mouth organ and shatter coconuts with her foot.

Mitchell Park is home to crocodiles, deer, racoons, cranes, flamingos, wallabies, monkeys, and tortoises, among other small animals and birds. A walk-through aviary allows you to get up up and personal with a variety of beautiful birds. At a sand-filled playground, small children can enjoy playing on jungle gyms, swings, slides, and other equipment.

On well-kept lawns, family picnics are great, and skottle braais are permitted. Employees at Mitchell Park are enthusiastic about teaching children about animals and vegetation. They teach visitors how to protect our natural wonders so that future generations can also enjoy them.

Adventure Parks In Durban

uShaka Marine World

The uShaka Marine World in Durban is a world-class entertainment and tourism destination. At the end of Durban’s Golden Mile sits uShaka Aquatic World, Africa’s largest marine theme park. uShaka Aquatic World is Africa’s largest marine theme park, spanning over 15 hectares of prime coastline.

Fresh and salt water, lush foliage, natural materials, and a re-creation of a cargo ship disaster from the 1940s may all be found in uShaka Marine World. The park is attractively designed with a focus on family entertainment, and it is home to the world’s sixth largest aquarium by water volume. At uShaka Marine World, there’s always something enjoyable to do, no matter what the occasion. It is one of the top adventure parks in Durban for the family.

Sea World is also home to the Oceanographic Research Institute (ORI), which oversees and protects the scientific and environmental integrity of Sea World and SAAMBR as a whole. A research and reference library, as well as classrooms for speaking to schools and other organisations on marine and other coastal issues, are part of these research facilities.

Adventure Parks In Durban

Umgeni River Bird Park

The Umgeni River Bird Park is a South African bird zoo located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. Dr. Alan Abrey developed and built the Umgeni River Bird Park in a disused quarry site, which opened in April 1984. The park was owned and operated privately by a group of bird lovers who wanted to educate others about various bird species from around the world. Alan Abrey managed it until his retirement in 1997, and his daughter Robyn Abrey designed the park’s artwork during that time (guidebook pictures, park maps, and so on).

The park is located in a landfilled and landscaped ancient quarry with many natural waterfalls. On walkways that crisscross through the park, visitors can walk through three aviaries and past other aviaries and open exhibitions. Through a viewing glass at the nursery, visitors can see how the birds are hatched and cared for.

Birds from North and South America, Africa, Indonesia, and Australia are on show at the Free Flight Bird Show, which began in 1996 and focuses on conservation. Among the species featured in the event, which takes place in an open-air auditorium, are owls, cranes, hornbills, macaws, kookaburras, toucans, and vultures. The entertainment is done twice a day, weather permitting.

Adventure Parks In Durban

Moses Mabhida Stadium

The ultimate Big Rush Swing, as well as a trip through the stadium arch to the 106m high viewing platform in a sky car, an adventurous walk along the same route, Segway tours of the stadium, along the beach, and to uShaka, are all available at this famous legacy of the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Not only is the Big Rush Urban Adrenaline Swing the world’s only stadium swing. At 347 feet, it’s also the tallest swing in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records!
If that wasn’t enough to get your adrenaline pumping, consider this interesting fact. The first drop is a mind-bending 196 feet before swinging across the World Cup Stadium field in a 721-foot arc!