Umgeni Park, Durban – All You Need To Know

by Kojo Pocu
Umgeni Park

The suburb of Umgeni Park is located exactly where its name would imply it should be: next to Durban North and inland from the Blue Lagoon, just north of the Umgeni River Bird Park and Riverside Road.

Like many of Durban’s more northern neighbourhoods, this one is popular with people looking to acquire townhouses and complex homes with higher levels of protection. There are also areas with isolated houses, sizable, lovely gardens, and roadways lined with trees. In other terms, it is a wealthy Durban North neighbourhood adjacent to Umhlanga, Durban’s financial sector.

Aside from being conveniently located near the N2 and M4, Umgeni Park is also far enough away and surrounded by trees to avoid being affected by noise pollution. The neighbourhood has easy access to commercial centres and a variety of well-known beaches, including Dave’s Beach, and is only fifteen minutes from the city centre. It is located right above the Umgeni River.

The Umgeni River Bird Park, located in what was formerly a quarry, is the area’s green lung and the main perk of living there. Currently, 17 distinct bird species breed here, and the park, which places a strong emphasis on conservation, also houses 23 endangered species.

Be careful to catch a glimpse of the flight display. The park is now home to almost 3000 birds, and a lovely tea garden necessitates frequent visits. The neighbourhood of Green Umgeni Park is a lovely place to stay.

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 Umgeni River Bird Park

Umgeni Park

The Umgeni River Bird Park, one of the city’s top attractions, is located 10 minutes outside of Durban. This is a particularly special spot to visit because of the walk-through aviaries, birds on perches, gorgeous green flora, some spectacular waterfalls, and rock faces.

First of its kind in Africa, the free-flight bird show features critically endangered species like the Wattled Crane as well as owls, storks, hornbills, and a Cape Vulture flying freely and unhindered. This show is both instructive and entertaining. The focus is on conservation and education, with a cast of birds from North and South America, Africa, Indonesia, and Australia.

In addition to many more species, you will be able to get up close and personal with owls, cranes, hornbills, macaws, kookaburras, toucans, vultures, and other creatures as they exhibit their natural behaviours in completely unrestricted free flight. Without attending the performance, a trip to the park is not complete.

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