Visiting Ghana on a budget

visiting Ghana on a budget

Ghana is a West African country that has gained so much attention over the past few years. It has a rich vibrant culture that beckons invitingly to foreigners and travellers. The shores of Ghana hold so many beautiful stories. The land is filled with history, culture, and a lot of good vibes. A visit to the country would leave you wanting for more. It is a surreal experience one cannot possibly miss for the world. But make good plans especially when visiting Ghana on a budget.

The locals invite you with smiles and the best hospitality one can expect. The food is fantastic and quite spicy. When visiting Ghana on a budget, there is so much you can do. Unlike other countries, price ranges of services and food are manageable and affordable. You can spend as low as $20 a day on food (depending on certain factors like location).
In this article, would be giving prospective visitors important tips on how to plan your trip to Ghana with a low budget and what to expect ( what to do and what not to do). And there are so many travel apps that can help you make a perfect plan.

1.Cut the cost of flying.

Taking flights can be quite expensive. Hence it is normally advised to book flights in the economy class if you’re traveling to Ghana on a budget. If you are traveling from the States or any faraway country it is cost-effective to take a transit flight than a direct flight to Ghana which would cost far more. Although you stand to spend a longer period in the air during transit flights it is cost-effective and allows you to save money for other expenses. You need to compare prices between airlines and find the most affordable

2.Make necessary reservations beforehand.

Preparing adequately for your trip is very important. You must be very thorough with all the arrangements, reservations, and bookings you make. If there are reservations that need to be made beforehand, you must execute them to prevent unwanted stress.

thing to see in hotels now

3.Changing money.

In Ghana, the best currencies to bring are dollars, pounds, and euros. Foreign bureaus here give lower exchange rates for lower notes, hence you need to pack higher notes like your $50 and $100. Changing your money allows you to also spend less, cutting down the cost.

budget money

4.Choose cheaper accommodation.

When visiting Ghana on a budget, accommodation is an essential aspect of the plans you need to make. In Ghana, you can go for cheaper accommodations like a guest house or a 3-star hotel. It is advisable to do background checks on such places to ensure that they will suit your needs. Staying outside the city is also a good option. Accra, Kumasi, and the Cape coast are big cities hence the price of living is slightly higher than in towns nearby. You can book accommodation in a town a few minutes from the city to help you stay on budget. If you can handle a little stress, then don’t make any booking online. Find a cheaper hotel online and make a booking at the reception, that is the best travel advice when visiting Ghana on a budget.

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5.Eat at less expensive restaurants

Another brilliant way to cut down on costs is to eat at less expensive restaurants. ‘Chop bars’ as they are locally called are small restaurants that serve local cuisine and sometimes continental dishes. Visiting Ghana you’d want to try some of the local foods and chop bars are the ideal place for you to get them. They are convenient, cheaper than regular restaurants and they allow you to witness the wholesome nature of Ghanaians. The hustle and bustle to get favorite delicacies are one of the major features of chop bars. Most chop bars that are of some renown have large patronage.

Ghana food fufu

6.Use public transport.

Going round in Ghana one of the most affordable ways is to go by public transport. It is affordable and advisable than taxis which charge at exorbitant rates. ‘Trotro’ as it is locally called is the basic means of transportation in the country. But if you are in a hurry you could order an Uber or Bolt or any other can service online, those are cheaper than taxis here in Ghana.

7.Visit easily accessible tourist sites.

Easily accessible tourist sites my not need you to pay high fees to visit them. Examples are the Jamestown lighthouse, the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, and the Cape coast castle. You must explore and do your research, in this way you’re likely to save money to go on a Safari at the Mole National Park or spend on other important things like souvenirs and artwork from local markets and art shops in the country. And you you planning to visit one of these fees sites, don’t make a booking online, its better and cheap you pay at the gate or entrance. This is the best way when visiting Ghana on a budget.

The Elmina Castle

8.Be your Own tour Guard

Ghana is the most friendly country i have ever see in the world and when visiting you always welcome. You can be your own tour Guard buy just asking locals for directions and questions. The locals are always ready to talk to you with a smile, and we good if you don’t give out tips. All you need to do is google the destination you want to visit and ask some locals and they will direct you to the location. Even the public transport “trotro” conductor will drop you at your destination if you give him or her the location name. This save you from spending much on tour guards and tour Agencies.

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