10 Best places to stay in Namibia

by Kojo Pocu
Chobe Water Villas

Namibia, the land of the brave is indeed a spectacular country with the best places nature has to offer. Well known for its desserts, reservation lands, wildlife, and beautiful coastline. This country lies in the southwest of Africa. It is bordered by South Africa to the south, Botswana to the east, and Zambia and Angola to the north.

Namibia is one of the oldest habitations known to man. It was the hub for the Bantu expansion which began in the 14th century. The dominant tribe here is the Ovambo. Namibia’s picturesque landscapes, rich history, and captivating wildlife make it a sort after tourist destination. For this reason, they have some of the best hotels and lodges with luxurious accommodations. If you are planning a ‘staycation’ in Namibia then here is a list of 10 best places to look out for. They are the Haus Mopanie, Chobe Water Villas, The Windhoek Luxury Suites, the Desert Hills Lodge. We Kebi Safari Lodge, Lagoon suites Walvis Bay, Etosha King Nehale Lodge, Nambwa Tented Lodge, Mushara Bush Camp, Hotel Heinitzburg.

1.Haus Mopanie

Haus Mopanie

This bed and breakfast is a superb place to enjoy your staycation in Namibia. This is a highly recommended place by many people with its location in the town of Tsumeb. The town lays to the east of the Etosha National reserve which offers an easy getaway to view the wildlife. It is highly popular also for its exquisite breakfast made up of garden-grown fruits, sumptuous home-baked bread, and several delicacies. Over here they have luxurious rooms some of which are decorated in the African style. There are several other services like the guided tours to the Etosha National Park and other interesting sites.

2.Chobe Water Villas

Chobe Water Villas

The Chobe Water Villas has one of the most relaxing settings in Namibia. It was built on the calm waters of the Chobe River. It has exciting features like the Chobe National Park, wetlands, and a bushland sanctuary. This place is suitable for tourists and visitors looking for a relaxing environment. The area is also ideal for bird watching and game viewing. The calming waters of the Chobe River give guests a soothing welcome. It also has several amenities like an open deck, a swimming pool, and luxurious rooms made with style.

3.The Windhoek Luxury Suites

Windhoek Luxury Suites

Combining luxury and accessibility is the stunning Windhoek Luxury Suites located in Klein Windhoek. This is the ideal place to stay when one is looking to explore the capital of Namibia, Windhoek. With its lavish surroundings, this place showcases some of the most beautiful architectural designs. They have exquisite decorations, a wood decked pool area which is perfect for relaxation. This place has the best amenities on offer, high WIFI connection, restaurants, parking space, and is also wheelchair friendly! If you are looking to try some very exquisite wine, they also have the Stellenbosch tasting room and wine bar which serves some of the most sumptuous meals in Windhoek.

4.Desert Hills Lodge

Desert Hills Lodge

Situated in the arid desert of the Namib Desert this lodge offers a picturesque landscape of mountains, plains, and dunes. The Sossusvlei region of Namibia houses this enchanting location. It is conveniently located 30km from the Naukluft gate which opens into the Namib Desert. The lodge was built in the San people’s style, thatched grass huts of old. This offers guests a chance to see how these nomads lived. Relaxation is certainly assured as guests get to sit at the bar, swim at the pool, and enjoy magnificent views.

5.We Kebi Safari Lodge

We Kebi Safari Lodge

This unique lodge is situated on the C19 60km from Sesriem. They have quite unusual buildings which are built to resemble bushmen huts. The property has amenities such as a swimming pool, children’s activities, free breakfast, hiking, and airport transportation. |This establishment has a great view of the Namib desert and surrounding environs. The fact that it was built in the wild makes it an ideal location to go game viewing. You will be able to see wildlife like rhinoceros, zebra, and mongoose.

6.Lagoon Suites Walvis Bay

Lagoon Suites Walvis Bay

This is an exquisite location to experience the luxurious kind of life you can only dream about. With classic architectural buildings that offer a swimming pool, a bar, a children’s playground, and luxuriously styled rooms. This is also a popular place due to its proximity to tourist sites like the Pelican Bay Viewpoint.

7.Etosha King Nehale Lodge

Etosha King Nehale Lodge

This simple but luxurious lodge has beautifully designed buildings that blend in with the serene environment. It also displays and pays homage to the rich culture of the area is located a few feet away from the Etosha National Park. This makes it conducive enough for people looking to go on a safari or explore the wildlife that the park has to offer. The other places that are worthy of attraction are the Gwashamba Mall and the Nakambale. These places offer visitors the chance to experience Namibian food, language, and culture.

8.Nambwa Tented Lodge

Nambwa Tented Lodge

The Nambwa Tented Lodge is an exceptionally glorious place that offers the best views of the vast floodplains and the Kwando River. This edifice was built high in the treetops. The jackalberry, sausage, and knobthorn trees hold this exhilarating piece of architecture up. The location of the lodge offers guests the chance to view the sprawling landscape. Another important feature of the place is that it lies on the path Boat cruise Guided bushwalk

9.Mushara Bush Camp

Mushara Bush Camp

You cannot visit Namibia and miss out on experiencing a typical bush camp. This is what Mushara Bush Camp has to offer and so much more. This establishment offers a wide variety of activities to tourists and visitors alike. The architectural design of the camp, which is thatched huts gives guests that African settings and campfires are lit at night for entertaining guests. Mushara camp is also near the National park which is home to several animal species, like the cheetah, wild dogs, giraffes, and elephants. A major feature of the camp is that it can accommodate families with children. They have the necessary amenities to cater to the needs of families with children, with their main house featuring a special play area for children, games, books, and toys. Your child is sure to enjoy their stay here as even meals are planned for the children’s needs. The

10.Hotel Heintzburg

Hotel Heintzburg

Looking to stay in a castle, no worries the Hotel Heintzburg is exactly what you need it is a restored castle in Windhoek with an eye-catching architectural design that provides guests with that unforgettable experience. They have several amenities and activities like a swimming pool half course, horse riding, and hiking. They have a stunning view of the Windhoek skyline and the Khomas Houchland mountains. The facilities here combine both Namibian culture and European culture. The history of this place reveals that it was built by a Count for his fiancée.

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