12 Tourist Attractions in Namibia

by Kojo Pocu

Namibia is a country that is well known for its expansive culture, history, and different kinds of landscapes that offers visitors many attractions to view. With captivating wildlife settings and a panoramic view of nature itself. Here are 12 tourist attractions that would be worth your while in Namibia.

1.Etosha National Park.

Etosha National Park

Amongst Namibia’s numerous national parks, the Etosha National Park is highly recommended for tourists looking to experience nature at its finest. This game reserve was created in 1907, more than 100 years ago. It is a wide expanse of land that is home to several wildlife and bird species. There are several luxurious lodges and camps at this location that also offer visitors the chance to go on a safari at the park. A visit here would leave you in awe.



Lovely, exciting, spontaneous, these are words tourists use in describing Swakopmund. This beach town is littered with old European architecture that highlights the history of German settlement. This seaside town is perfect during the hot summer for relaxing and cooling off. There is much to see in this bubbling town. From the extraordinary nightlife that beckons seductively to tourists. The beach is lined with pubs and bars that offer some German beer. There are also flamingos and dolphins in the sea close by and ideal for dolphin watching.

3.Kalahari Desert.

Kalahari Desert

The Kalahari Desert is one of the oldest deserts in the world. It is called a semi-desert because it lacks the harsher conditions like that of the Namibian desert. It serves as the habitat for several forms of wildlife. Some of which include the meerkat, the oryx, and the African world dog. This side expanse can be located in three different countries, Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa. The desert is also encroaching further into other countries like Zambia. The part of the Kalahari desert that forms part of Namibia is a dense ground cover. Different plants thrive here, the camel thorns and the devil’s thorn flower.



The little capital of Namibia offers tourists a chance to experience the nightlife. It opens up to visitors to reveal the interesting culture, beautiful architecture, and a wonderful populace. Some of the buildings in the city were built by the Germans who once settled here. These buildings like the Parliament house Wade constructed in the Bavarian-style with long looking towers. If you’re looking to enjoy some good German beer Windhoek offers some of the finest Swabian beer bars.

5.Caprivi Strip

Caprivi Strip

This oasis lies isolated in the northeast of Namibia. It is fed by the majestic Kavango, Chobe, Zambezi, and Cuando rivers making it a haven for lush green vegetation and countless forms of wildlife. The best way to take in this scenery is through a boat cruise on the river. This allows you to see the animals as they congregate to the shores to drink water. There are also 425 bird species in the area that make for an ideal place to go bird watching.

6.Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay

This is the natural deep-water harbor of Namibia and it offers remarkable places that tourists find relaxing. This has been considered as one of the strategic harbor settlements in Namibia. It is a haven for sea vessels because its harbor is protected by the Pelican Point Sand. Countless activities one can engage in when visiting Walvis Bay. One can enjoy dolphin watching, bird watching, pubs and bars, and a museum. Also the artificial Bird island that is the center for a guano collection. There are many bird species here too if one is interested in bird watching. There is also the stunning Dune 7 which offers visitors the chance to go hiking.



This astonishingly gorgeous piece of nature is one of the main attractions in Namibia. The awe-inspiring features such as the large, hulking dunes some of which rise to 400m are said to be the highest in the world. This location is set deep in the National Park of Namib –Naukluft. Over here, the sun bears down mercilessly on the land. But some wildlife has adapted to these harsh conditions and they thrive in it. You can sight the sidewinder snake, ostriches, Oryx, and the springbok. Tourists can conveniently tour the area in a land rover or a 4×4 vehicle.



Unlike most of Namibia’s national parks, this area draws tourists for an altogether different purpose. Twyfelfontein is famed for the most astonishing ancient rock art. It is said to be one of the oldest in the world dating back to 6000 years. This striking area is located in the northern region of Kunene in Namibia. This attraction is filled with breathtaking views and scenery. From here you can see the Table Mountains in the distance. The ancient rock paintings reveal how life was in ancient times. It depicts men hunting, herding, and gathering food. This place was also tagged by UNESCO as a world heritage site making it very popular to visiting tourists.



This eerie ghost town was once the richest in Namibia due to its abundance of a diamond. During its hay days, it was a diamond mining town that attracted a lot of people due to the diamonds found in the region. But after a while, the miners could not find any more diamonds to mine and the town was abandoned. The town is now overrun by the desert sands. Most of the old buildings are in disrepair. Some of these buildings have been half-buried by the sand.

10.Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon is one of the largest canyons in the world.it is the largest in Africa and doubles as the second largest after the Grand Canyon in the USA. This wondrous work of nature is believed to have been firmed 500million years ago. The fish river cuts through the rocky sides of the canyon. Some places in the canyons rise a half kilometer high. The area is also perfect for hiking, but only during the cooler seasons (May-September). The wildlife here includes baboons, hyraxes, and klipspringers.

11.Penguin Islands

Penguin Islands

The Penguin Islands are a curious spectacle, the scattered rocks and small islet which jut out of the ocean at the coast serve as the home of colonies of the country’s popular jackass penguin. These lovely creatures are an amazing sight to behold especially when you have the ‘Penguin craze.’

12.The Skeleton Coast Park

The Skeleton Coast Park

The cold Atlantic Ocean meets the arid desert land of Namibia at the Skeleton Coast Park. This place is considered as the deadliest shorelines. It has the carcasses of dead whales, rusted hulls of ships that were shipwrecked, and bones of other sea creatures that were washed ashore. The Skeleton Coast is so named because it is famed as one of the most pernicious shorelines in the world. This also doubles as the habitat for wildlife like the stalking hyena and the Namib elephant. There is a helicopter ride that allows you to see an aerial view of the area.

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