13 Best Bars In Osu You Should Consider Visiting

by Kojo Pocu
Bars In Osu

Need a place for your night out in Accra? If so, then these are bars in Osu you would love to visit.

It can be challenging to decide where to begin when going out on a night out because Osu, Accra, Ghana’s capital, has hundreds of bars competing for drinkers’ attention. There is amazing alcohol-fueled fun to be had here, whether you wind up at a cocktail bar on the main drag or a side-street dump, which is why I have narrowed down the hundreds of excellent bars in Accra to this number.

In this post, Mrpocu.com will list some of the top bars in Osu you should consider visiting. These places offer some of the best experiences possible, from a pulsing music club with live highlife to mixology magic in industrial-chic surroundings. We advise storing up in advance at one of Accra’s top eateries.

Best Bars In Osu

Bars In Osu

Republic Bar & Grill

Due to its laid-back attitude toward the finer things in life—alcohol, fried food, and very excellent music—this pub is still one of the best in Accra at the moment. When things really get going, late on a Friday or Saturday, a small area spills into the street. Ghanaian music is playing as album covers and black-and-white pictures of musicians are displayed on the walls (there are often jaw-dropping highlife music acts live on the terrace; check out the Facebook page and Twitter account for details – the legendary Ebo Taylor has played here). On Wednesdays, live music is also always available.

Bars In Osu

Firefly Lounge Bar

This Osu district pub in Accra uses an advanced language. It’s a lovely location where you might meet some of the most fascinating folks while enjoying a drink. There are fantastic foods and drinks options there.

A particular someone will like the setting and the place is really polished, so bring them here. Since the place is open till the morning, there is no need to depart early. It’s a nightlife gem that’s undiscovered in Accra.

Bars In Osu

Honeysuckle Pub 

Honeysuckle is back! It was always there, but at least it’s back to being the bustling location it always was. Based on a typical neighbourhood British pub, it draws locals and foreigners who like playing pool and watching Premiership football on the 14 televisions. It is decorated with kitschy red velvet seats and striped wallpaper, as well as tributes to Only Fools & Horses and framed images of ancient British pubs.

Bars In Osu

Shisha Lounge

The Shisha Lounge in Osu is tucked away on a side street close to Koala. It has made a name for itself in Ghanaian nightlife by offering a classy outdoor dining space, an interior bar (nearly always with a DJ spinning some discs), and a pleasantly rustic “tree house.” Eat brick-oven pizza and enjoy a shisha while watching Osu at night from the second floor of the tree home. There isn’t a better way to cap off a tough week and get the weekend started! Shiha lounge is one of the top bars in Osu

Bars In Osu

Purple Pub

This small but consistently busy pub is located just off Danquah Circle in the centre of Osu and offers the excitement of Accra street life. It’s a perfect place for a bar crawl or to unwind and enjoy a Club beer under the stars while the newest local music is pumping and Accra’s bustle passes by. Street dancing is also encouraged, which is unusual and always enjoyable.

Bars In Osu


In the Osu district of Accra lies a rooftop bar called Bloombar. Since it first opened its doors in 2017, it has captured the attention of Accra residents as well as visitors from Ghana. The bar has received three nominations over the past few years, and two of those nominations—the “Best Nightlife Award 2018” and the “Best Game Changer Award 2018″—were awarded to it. Bloombar is arguably the most popular among all the bars in Osu.

It is well-known for its distinctive lighting, wall paintings, ambience, and cocktails. In addition to filling a void in Accra’s nighttime scene, Bloom bar has become a “must-have” destination, providing all of the city’s crucial excitement.

Bars In Osu

Suncity Hotel Bar 

Yes, Suncity Hotel is among the top locations in Osu for great dining, but have you ever tried the nightlife there? One of the best spots for wild Accra nightlife is their bar.

However, a reservation is not necessary to attend the restaurant. Enjoy one of the most pleasurable dining experiences of your life at the rooftop restaurant of the Suncity hotel. The hotel apartment offers a rooftop pool, a rooftop party, and other events.

Bars In Osu

Plot 7

The Nyaniba estates’ Plot 7 converted warehouse complex provides further variety to the Accra party scene. Plot 7 offers a welcome contrast to other clubs because to its chic industrial design.

Pop, Dance, House, Afrobeats, and more musical genres are available! Watch out for the different DJs they bring in and the events they host!

Bars In Osu

Alley Bar

Due to the fact that it is literally positioned in an alley, as its name suggests, Alley Bar is a unique little experience. At the end of what appears to be a long, wide corridor sits a bar. However, as a result, it makes for a tremendously lovely, albeit occasionally constrained, environment for live performances. At least it’s a neon-lit wall if you have to “face the wall,” so it’s not too bad. Alley is one of the best new bars in Osu.

The Alley features a superb food selection with frequent barbecues in addition to a fully stocked bar and delectable cocktails. Overall, a great place for the pre-party and after-party. Alternatively, if you want to grab lunch, it actually works nicely.

Bars In Osu


You should check out Serallio in Osu if you’ve been watching shows like Issa Rae’s Insecure. Although this space may be tailored for a variety of themes and celebrations, when the mats and pillows are set up and the shisha is ready, it’s perfect for unwinding. Once you locate a location, such as Serallio, you may decide to occasionally keep it to yourself or occasionally invite everyone over. If the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland were to throw a tea party in Accra, this would be one of the venues chosen.

There are several locations in Ghana where one can spend a lovely, relaxing day. The restaurant’s outdoor chill really excels at minimalism. You must remember that Ghana is hot and that occasionally the nights can be chilly and muggy. It is typical to sit outside and take in the evening air as a result.

Bars And Night Clubs In Osu

Ace Tantra Night Club

If you’re looking for a club where you can dance to both hip-hop and afrobeat, Ace Tantra is the place for you. Everyone should make the trip there once. This is a bonafide club that starts serving alcohol on Friday nights. Ace Tantra Club, which only recently joined the club scene in Accra in 2018, has steadily grown in popularity. High-quality service is provided by the hostess and bartender, and the club takes pride in giving clubbed that sense of exclusivity. Because of this, numerous firms use this venue for corporate functions when it’s not a busy club night.



Front Back is a private members club in Accra that is modelled after the Soho House concept and offers the ideal setting for creatives and artists to mingle inside a confusing layout. If you are happening or plan to happen, this is the place to do it. People commonly pick this site because they want to go and then be able to tell a buddy about it. Oh, to be able to claim that I met this person in Accra or that I foresaw that trend while I was there a few years ago. Do you appear to understand the gist? It is a meeting place for those who always seem to be dressed stylishly.

The Front/Back Members Club’s mission is to promote and showcase the music, food, and artwork of Ghanaians and other people of African descent. “More than 40 artisans and partners put forth a lot of effort to build the facility. everything, including clothing, furniture, and wall decorations. All of our content is available for purchase or can be modified, and we emphasize the finest that our continent has to offer.

The Area Bar

NSG, a gang with roots in London, founded The Area Bar, which is rumoured to be the ideal hangout for attractive Area Boyz and Girlz. The bar is exquisite, and the illuminated walkway makes for the perfect photo backdrop. Everyone loves to snap photos as they come in and go out.

The Area Bar is a well-known hangout for singers and celebrities, making it a great venue to draw attention. The place is well-known for its Friday night Area Fridayz gatherings.

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