15 Best Bars and Night Clubs In Osu – Accra

by Kojo Pocu
Bars In Osu

There are plenty of places to unwind and drink in Osu, Accra; you can find one in each nook or cranny of this busy neighbourhood. There is always something going on and a venue hosting it because there are so many events in Accra and Ghana that take place at these locations. My ranking of Osu’s top pubs and clubs is based on what locals deem to be the best. Afrobeats, Amapiano, hiplife, R&B, and jazz are all available at bars and night clubs in Osu.

I am convinced that Osu provides a variety of venues, depending on what you are searching for. In Accra, you can find anything you’re looking for, from a classic Irish or English pub to a real Ghanaian drinking hole to a hip hangout. You may frequently find stylish, trendy pubs in the Osu region that cater heavily to the Instagram set, which is cool. Because now clubbing and nightlife is an aspect of modern life in the world.

In this article, Mrpocu.com will list some of the top bars and night clubs in Osu you should visit for fun. From some of the popular crowdy bars to some of the Instagram-friendly nightlife destinations.

Bars And Night Clubs In Osu

Bars And Night Clubs In Osu

Kona Bar and Grill

There are three different spaces for guests to enjoy at this establishment on Oxford Street, but the Sky Bar, Kona which offers a view of Oxford Street at night, is the most popular. However, it is advised to arrive early because there is a capacity limit for the place.

Bars And Night Clubs In Osu

The Republic Bar and Grill

When things really pick up in the late hours of a Friday or Saturday, this little yet functional room spills out into the street. The Republic Bar and Grill in Osu, Accra, promotes traditional Ghanaian brews and foods presented with a twist while employing local ingredients in its dishes.

Try the Apketeshie (pronounce it “A-Peta-Shee”) cocktails there. The traditional Ghanaian palm wine known as ”apketeshie” can be highly intoxicating but is good. When the light goes down, this town really comes to life. In addition to the food, the nightlife offers an exciting blend of rock and Afrobeat that is perfect for getting your Friday or Saturday night started.

Bars And Night Clubs In Osu

Honeysuckle in Osu

The Honeysuckle chains, of which there are two—one in Osu and the other in Labone—are ones to check out if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like inside a British pub. Once inside, the bars feature a pub-like atmosphere; the only difference is that there is no need for a fireplace because you are already warm. This restaurant occasionally receives bad evaluations, but like other places in Ghana, they have resolved it.

This is an excellent sports bar as well if you want to watch the English Premiership or Champions League games. There are always other sports on. However, Honeysuckle is the place to go if you want a cool pint of Guinness or Larger along with some dry chips and chicken wings. You might occasionally forget where you are and believe you are in a Wetherspoons in the UK. Honeysuckle is one of the best and most popular bars and night clubs in Osu.

Bars And Night Clubs In Osu

Alley Bar

As the name implies, Alley Bar is a special little experience because it is essentially located in an alley. A bar is located at the end of what looks like a long, wide corridor. But because of this, it’s a wonderfully lovely and occasionally small space for live performances. If you have to “face the wall,” at least it’s a neon-lit wall, so it’s not too horrible.

In addition to a well-stocked bar and delicious cocktails, The Alley offers a fantastic cuisine menu with many regular barbecues. Overall, a fantastic after-party and pre-party location. Or it actually works well if you want to grab some lunch.

Bars And Night Clubs In Osu


Serallio in Osu will be perfect for you if you’ve been watching programs like Issa Rae’s Insecure. This area may be customized for various themes and occasions, but when the mats and pillows are laid out and the shisha is available, it’s ideal for just relaxing. Once you find a place, like Serallio, you could choose to keep it to yourself at times or invite everyone over at other times. This would be one of the locations chosen if the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland were to host a tea party in Accra. One-off because there are many places in Ghana to spend a wonderful relaxing day. The restaurant’s outdoor chill does minimalism really well. You must keep in mind that Ghana is hot, and the nights can occasionally be cold and humid. As a result, it is customary to sit outside and enjoy the evening air.

Bars And Night Clubs In Osu

Purple Pub

The most popular location in Osu to begin or end the night is this pub-turned-bar. When the place is rocking, people flow out into the street and the sound seems to envelop the area, giving the place a carnival-like atmosphere. Kebabs are being sold by street vendors, and there are people wandering about. The purple pub is for everyone, whether well-dressed or not. It is arguably the most crowded place among all the bars and night clubs in Osu.

Bars And Night Clubs In Osu

Suncity or Red Carpet Sky Bar

Another upscale rooftop bar in Accra is the Suncity or Red Carpet Sky Bar. The Sun City Apartments on Osu-La road are home to this bar. This establishment should be added to your list of places to drink at altitude, along with SkyBar 25. In addition to a variety of beverages, you can eat here as well.

Bars And Night Clubs In Osu

Ace Tantra Night Club

Ace Tantra is the club for you if you’re seeking a location where you can dance to both hip-hop and afrobeat. It’s a location that each person should visit once. This is a legitimate club that opens on weekends on Friday. Ace Tantra Club, which only recently entered the Accra club scene in 2018, has progressively become a destination. The bartender and hostess provide extremely high levels of service, and the club takes pride in giving clubbed that feeling of exclusivity. Because of this, when it’s not a busy club night, you can find many businesses utilising this space for corporate gatherings.

Bars And Night Clubs In Osu

Club Onyx

It’s always assured that you’ll run into a famous person at Club Onyx. When we explained where we wanted to go, our driver said, “Yeah, a great place to be,” which remains in our memory. When visiting Accra, Club Onyx has emerged as one of the top nightlife destinations. Desmond Kwesi Blackmore, also known as D-Black, is the owner of the Club, so you know this place is hot.

If you didn’t already know, D-Black is a multi-award-winning Ghanaian singer and businessman who created the Black Avenue Group empire in just ten years. The young businessman was called “a creative in the numbers game” and one of Ghana’s most successful music moguls by Forbes Africa in their May 2019 issue. He also operates other establishments in Ghana, such as the Oasis Lounge, a hip hangout and shisha bar in the Accra Cantonments.

Bars And Night Clubs In Osu

Bloom Bar

When you ask people about bars in Accra, they all seem to mention The Bloom Bar. It’s a great cool place to unwind and hang out with friends. This hangout takes place before the main event or hangout. For those seeking a beautiful backdrop for their Instagram and YouTube trip videos, this location has established itself as the go-to destination throughout the years. The setting is fairly open, like a moderately sized outdoor area that is lit up. It appears really lovely from a distance.

Be aware that this establishment aims to draw in people who are well-groomed, so if you plan to leave, you might need to put in a little extra effort because the door staff has been known to turn people away. If you want to avoid standing in long lines, come prepared with one or two female friends. Before the weekend frenzied rush, Tuesday through Thursday are the suggested travel dates. Bloom Bar is one of the popular bars and night clubs in Osu



In Accra, Front Back is a Private Members club that is based on the Soho House concept and provides a perfect environment for creatives and artists to interact inside a maze of spaces.

This is the location to happen at if you are happening or are going to happen. Those who wish to visit and be able to tell a friend about it frequently choose this location. Oh, to be able to say I ran into such and so in Accra or that I was in Accra a few years ago and I predicted that trend. You seem to have the gist, don’t you? It is a gathering place for people who always appear to be in style.

The goal of the Front/Back Members Club is to display and highlight the music, cuisine, and art of Ghanaians and other members of the African diaspora. “More than 40 craftspeople and collaborators worked diligently to create the venue. everything from the furnishings to the apparel and wall decor. We highlight the best that our continent has to offer, and all of our content is for sale or may be customized.

Sandbox Beach Club

Sandbox Beach Club

In Accra, Ghana, Sandbox Beach Club is most likely one of the largest beach clubs. This beach club, which is situated at South Labadi Estates, is a necessity for anyone looking to have a fantastic day or evening out. Celebrity chefs creating tasting dishes, international Djs spinning tunes, and live performances by music icons are all common occurrences. The easiest way to receive the most recent listing of events at Sandbox is to check their Facebook page. There are events every week.

As it’s located on the beach, here you can find celebrities just mixing with everyone else at Sandbox Beach Club. 

The Area Bar

The Area Bar was created by NSG, a group with roots in London, and, as the saying goes, it’s the ideal hangout for attractive Area Boyz and Girlz. The bar is absolutely lovely, and the lit walkway creates the ideal backdrop for pictures. Everyone enjoys taking pictures as they enter and depart.

The Area Bar is a popular destination for celebrities and musicians, making it a fantastic place to catch some attention. The location is best known for its Area Fridayz gatherings on Friday nights.

Kruna night club

The lively and intimate Kruna The Club is the ideal place to have some good times and music. This club has air conditioning and is where the hip crowd congregates. specializing in hip and soulful house mixes and Afro sounds.

The establishment provides shisha, a selection of finger foods, and a variety of drinks and cocktails. Open every day from Friday through Sunday. On the first Friday of every month at 11:59, there are special festivities.

Plot 7

The Plot 7 (Seven) Club in Osu attracts a variety of “today people,” or in today’s lingo, chipset, with its lively and sophisticated atmosphere. With its stylish, modern decor, amazing drinks, and top-notch DJs. Some would contend that it’s a terrific hangout altogether and ought to be suggested to visitors visiting Accra.

You can enjoy Kizalsa every Friday beginning at 7 o’clock if you decide to drop by wearing your dancing shoes and feet.

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