16 Regions In Ghana And All You Need To Know

by Kojo Pocu
16 regions in Ghana

Ghana is one of the best places in Africa you would love to visit, not because it is the second peaceful country in Africa but also has some great destinations. When you are planning a trip, just keep in mind there are so many amazing experiences and so many things you can learn in Ghana. There are 16 regions in Ghana for you to visit and so many cultures to learn . So why not book a trip down here and get your photography gear ready for the adventure. But if you are in Ghana or a Ghanaian, what is stopping you from exploring all 16 regions.

Spending all my life here in Ghana as a Ghanaian, I have travel all the 16 regions even before having a dream of becoming a travel blogger. Learning new cultures, eating different types of food, and making new friends in all the 16 regions, is what change my life to become a travel blogger, and I’m still wondering why I couldn’t learn any language ( that part sucks). 

How Many Regions Are Currently In Ghana

Ghana has changed in these past years, and as a citizen these changes are notable. I could count all those 10 regions just like drinking water but now It has been pretty hard for me after the additional 6 regions. The country’s total regions used to be just 5 during the early post-colonial era, and later increased to 10 and now it is 16. All these 16 regions in Ghana have amazing things to offer you as a tourist, historical sites, beautiful culture, attractions, and friendly locals. 

In this article, Mrpocu.com is going to list the 16 regions in Ghana and all you need to know before visiting. 

NB; Because of the outbreak, traveling might be complicated now. Use some of my travel tips to plan your next trip.

16 regions in Ghana

The 16 Region In Ghana

1.Greater Accra Region 

16 regions in Ghana

The Greater Accra region is not only the most popular in Ghana, it’s also host the capital town of Ghana. It is said to be the smallest region among the 16 regions in Ghana. The Greater Accra region is occupying a total land surface of 3,245 square kilometers and it’s just 1.4 percent of the total landmark of Ghana. The region is the most popular in Ghana with over 4,010,054 in the 2010 population census. Have two great metropolitan areas of Accra and Tema, Greater Accra Region was built on a very strong ethnic history. 

Accra has been the capital of Ghana since 1877. Even though Accra might be a little expensive for survival, but it is also a place full of opportunities. 

Accra is one of the best places to visit in the country, hosting some of the top entertainment programs, best restaurants, best hotels, best nightclubs, and even some top historical sites in Ghana.  Booking a trip to Ghana, Greater Accra Region might be the first place to see and there are always amazing things to do and beautiful destinations to visit. 

2.Ashanti Region

16 regions in Ghana

The Ashanti region is one of the biggest regions in Ghana with Kumasi as the capital. The region is the cultural heartbeat of the country. There are so many things the Ashanti region has to offer you as a tourist, historical sites, traditional events, royal ceremonies, beautiful markets, and lovely locals. 

Ashanti region is not only known for its rich culture but also know to be a land of gold and generation of cocoa, which is the biggest fare that the nation gives. And there are unlimited historical stories you would love to hear, and also one of the best places to visit of you looking forward to knowing more about our colonial past. 

The region is divided into 30 districts with over 4,780,380 population during the count in 2010. Involving a surface territory of 24,389 square kilometers of aggregate land. 

3.Western Region  

16 region in Ghana

Western region plays a bigger role in the national development, not only for its known port but also where unrefined petroleum and gas was found. With Sekindi-Takoradi being the capital, the region also has the historical background you would love to know. From old architectural buildings to a beautiful festival celebration.

The region is a must-visit destination in Ghana for every tourist looking for unlimited adventure. The Nzulezu village on stilts is one of the best places to see in Western region with tropical beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, luxury dining restaurants, and 4-star hotels. 

Western region shares a border with the Republic of Cote D’Ivoire. Coving an area of 23,921 square kilometers with a population of 2,376,021 residents in 22 districts.

4.Eastern Region

16 regions in Ghana

The best time to visit Eastern Region is during easter, that is the Kwahu festival. Eastern region is also one of the best places to see in Ghana. Hosting the third world’s largest man-made lake, the Akosombo lake, a source of much hydroelectric power, and the beautiful Aburi Gardens , both are worth seeing destinations in Ghana. Jump into a canoe with a local fisherman and enjoy fishing or canoe riding.

Among the 16 regions in Ghana, Eastern Region have the only commercial diamond mine at Akwatia, one of the popular district and also the right birthplace of our cocoa industry. The most popular place in the region is the Aburi Botanical Garden, hosting millions of tourists since 1890. There is not why you can skip the forest of Atewa-Atwirebu, home of hundreds of birds and butterflies. 

The region is divided into 26 districts with about 2,633,154 Ghanaians after the 2010 count. 

5.Central Region

16 regions in Ghana

The region was first the capital of Ghana, the time of the Gold Coast. Central region is famous for its historical background and that is one thing you can take from them. With Cape Coast as the capital, the region has a lot of history to offer you. 

Cape Coast was the first place the Portuguese settle. And later build the Cape Coast castle, one of the largest commercial forts or slave castles. The castle was used to hold slaves before they were loaded into ships and sold in Europe. 

The region is not only known for its famous castle but also the beautiful beaches, historic town, fishing villages, amazing hotels, and rich natural tourist sites. Central region host one of the longest Canopy walk in African, Kakum National Park. The most untouched rainforest has been preserved as a home for birds and other species and the right region for your adventure travel. 

Though it might not be among the biggest regions category it has a territory of 9,826 square Kilometres. And 17 districts with over 2,201,863 population count. 

6.Northern Region

16 regions in Ghana

Best to get your safari gears ready for a sunny day in the Northern Region. The rain comes between June to September and is followed by a dry season which starts from November with a dry Harmattan wind from the Sahara Desert.

Northern Region is the biggest among them (70,384 square kilometers) and also have the third-largest city in Ghana. The region has 26 districts and over 2,479,462 population count. 

The region is not only known for its agricultural activities but also hosts a few picturesque tourist attractions. I have been there once and the experience was beautiful with friendly locals. Make sure to jump into a tricycle, it is easy to move around with it. 

7.Upper East Region

16 regions in Ghana

With 1,046,545 residents, a surface area of 8,842 square kilometers, and 13 districts, the Upper East Region only covers 7.9% of Ghana’s landmass. The region is the smallest almost all. They share borders with Burkina Faso, with is the traditional crossroads for the trans-Saharan trade routes. 

Upper East might look small but has some of the top attractions in Ghana. It is one of the best places in Ghana for adventure and nature travelers. Most of the landscapes are broad savannah grasslands, dotted with strange-looking baobab trees. For generations now the region hasn’t changed much, they still have huts buildings. 

8.Upper West Regions

16 regions in Ghana

The Upper West Region has a land area of 18,476 square kilometers, 11 districts, and is home to 702,110 residents. Located in the northwest part of Ghana and is one of the most beautiful natural places to visit. The region is also more of a traditional region and its capital, Wa which is also the seat of one of the greatest Kings in Ghana’s history, Wa Naa, Paramount Chief of the Walas 

Upper West Region is the real safari destination in Ghana contributing to wildlife. This is the best destination for tourists looking to experience wildlife in Africa. So get your safari and photography gear ready and book a trip to Ghana and visit the Upper West Region. 

9.Volta Region 

16 regions in Ghana

Arguable, Volta Region is the most beautiful and cleanest region among all the 16 regions in Ghana. I’m not from Volta Region, so I’m speaking from experience and reviews about the region. The region also hosts some of the most-visited destinations in Ghana. With rolling hills, and valleys, rocky mountains, overlooking lakes and lagoons, rivers, waterfalls and many other, the region is one of the nature-most attractions in the country. 

It might get scary during festivals and traditional ceremonies but it is worth seeing a great culture (voodoo) of the Volta region. There are most fishing villages in the region since some parts are covered by the Volta river on its western flank. 

Ho is their capital and is full of multi-ethnic and multilingual, including groups such as the Ewe, the Guan, and the Akan people. The region covers an area of 20,570 square kilometers, 2,118,252 residents, and 25 districts.

10.Bono Region 

16 regions in Ghana

Bono region might not be one of the popular places in Ghana but it’s worth seeing for its scenic natural features, clean cities, and towns. The region is the remainder of the Brong-Ahafo region when the Bono East region and Ahafo region were created. With Sunyani as capital, the region can pride itself as one of the cleanest regions in the country.

Bono Region shares a border at the north with the Savannah Region and it has a population of about 1,082,520 according to Ghana statistical service in the 2019 census. 

The New Regions Among The 16 Regions in Ghana

11.Oti Region 

16 regions in Ghana

Oti region is one of the six regions created in December 2018 and the region was extracted from the northern part of the Volta region. The region might be new but have a lot to offer and unlimited experience, from beautiful mountains, natural forest reserves, and waterfalls. 

With Dambai being the capital, Oti Region covers an approximate area of 8,502 square kilometers and about 742,664 residents. Because of its small size the region is divided into 8 districts and host tourist from all over the globe. This is one of the few places in Ghana for adventure travelers. 

12.North-East Region

The North-East Region is also part of the new regions in Ghana and is located on the north side of the country. It is also one of the new regions that have a lot of attractions to offer. There are many places you would love to visit for a cultural experience and picturesque attractions for your social media feed.

The North-East Region is bordered on the north by the Upper East region, on the east by the eastern Ghana-Togo international border, on the south by the Northern Region, and on the west by the Upper West region. The North East region is made up of 6 districts.

It has a populace of 575,558 people and occupies an area of 9,072 square kilometers.

13.Western North Region

Honestly, Western North Region don’t have a lot to offer tourist, unless you just want to learn a new way of life. All they can offer as an attraction is several reserve forests that you can’t even get access through. But the locals are ready to welcome you. 

With Sefwi Wiawso been the capital, the region is about 2,391 square kilometers of land (10% of the nation’s land total) and hosts bout 1,924,577 citizens. 

14.Savannah Region 

16 regions in Ghana

Looking for another safari destination in Ghana? Savannah region has the nation’s biggest safari park, Mole National Park. And if you’ve heard of the Larabanga historic Mosques, then get your safari and photography gears ready for an amazing adventure during your visit to the Savannah Region of Ghana.

The majority of residents in the region are Muslims and very friendly. Its population is less dense compared to other parts since it has 581,368 residents and occupies an area of 35,862 square kilometers.

15.Bono East Region

Bono East is one of the popular places in Ghana because of its capital, Techiman. The region borders on the Northside of Savannah Region, on the east, is the Bono Region. The Bono East region is part of the vegetative belt of Ghana and enjoys a climate that is not harsh. The vegetation consists predominantly of forest and fertile soils. 

The production of yam is very high in the woodland Savannah zone in Techiman, Yeji, Nkoranza, Kintampo, Kwame Danso, Prang, and others. Beans, maize, cassava, cocoyam, rice, plantains, and more are produced in this region, as well as fishing activities that take along the region’s side of Lake Volta.

Bono East Region is also one of the best places in Ghana for tourists who want to experience some amazing waterfalls, rivers, monkey sanctuaries, and more. 

The region covers 22,220 square kilometers of land and about 1,179,649 residents with 11 districts. 

16.Ahafo Region

One thing I know about Ahafo Region is, they are friendly. It’s one of the few regions in Ghana I have to spend more time working and exploring. The region make not offer you a lot as a tourist but I bet you would love to take landscape pictures at the Newmont Gold mining site. It is not open for the tourist but I can arrange a tour for you if leave a message in my email. 

Goaso is the capital, and the region has received Ghc 20 million as the initial money for development reminiscent of the new region across the republic. It might not fall in the big region category but the region covers about 5,193 square kilometers of land and about 599,853 natives. 

The 16 Regions In Ghana And Their Districts 

16 regions in Ghana

The districts in Ghana are a second-level administrative subdivision of the country, below the level of the region. In Ghana, there are 260 local metropolitans, municipal and districts assemblies. Some of these districts were created back in the 19s and others were created later in the 20s. 

In Ghana, these districts are governed by District Assemblies, which are established by the minister of Local Governments. In this section, I’m going to outline all the 16 regions in Ghana and their districts.

Ahafo  Region (← Brong Ahafo)Region484,210613,049
Asunafo North MunicipalMunicipal District124,685157,870
Asunafo SouthDistrict95,580120,976
Asutifi NorthDistrict52,25966,141
Asutifi SouthDistrict53,58467,763
Tano North MunicipalMunicipal District79,973101,305
Tano South MunicipalMunicipal District78,12998,994

Ashanti Region



Adansi Asokwa (← Adansi North)District67,13383,243
Adansi NorthDistrict39,95849,522
Adansi SouthDistrict40,52350,268
Afigya Kwabre NorthDistrict41,59351,560
Afigya Kwabre SouthDistrict94,547117,179
Ahafo Ano North MunicipalMunicipal District94,285116,936
Ahafo Ano South EastDistrict58,96273,121
Ahafo Ano South WestDistrict62,69777,760
Akrofuom (← Obuasi Municipal)District74,85592,804
Amansie CentralDistrict90,741112,508
Amansie South (← Amansie West)District60,22774,666
Amansie WestDistrict74,10491,905
Asante Akim Central MunicipalMunicipal District71,50888,597
Asante Akim NorthDistrict69,18685,753
Asante Akim South MunicipalMunicipal District117,245145,349
Asokore Mampong MunicipalMunicipal District304,815377,697
Asokwa Municipal (← Kumasi Metropolitan)Municipal District140,161173,665
Atwima KwanwomaDistrict90,634112,321
Atwima MponuaDistrict119,180147,829
Atwima Nwabiagya Municipal (Atwima Nwabiagya South Municipal)Municipal District85,994106,569
Atwima Nwabiagya North (← Atwima Nwabiagya Municipal)District63,03178,113
Bekwai MunicipalMunicipal District118,024146,213
Bosome FrehoDistrict60,39774,870
Ejisu MunicipalMunicipal District95,424118,217
Ejura-Sekyedumase MunicipalMunicipal District85,446105,952
Juaben MunicipalMunicipal District48,33859,915
Kumasi Metropolitan (incl. Bantama Municipal, Manhyia North Municipal, Manhyia South Municipal, Nhyiaeso Municipal, Subin Municipal)Metropolitan District728,634902,724
Kwabre EastDistrict115,556143,180
Kwadaso Municipal (← Kumasi Metropolitan)Municipal District251,215311,242
Mampong MunicipalMunicipal District88,051109,125
Obuasi East (← Obuasi Municipal)District76,00494,182
Obuasi MunicipalMunicipal District92,637114,795
Offinso MunicipalMunicipal District76,89595,292
Offinso NorthDistrict56,88170,522
Oforikrom Municipal (← Kumasi Metropolitan)Municipal District303,016375,651
Old Tafo Municipal (← Kumasi Metropolitan)Municipal District146,024180,928
Sekyere Afram PlainsDistrict28,53535,416
Sekyere CentralDistrict71,23288,307
Sekyere EastDistrict62,17277,030
Sekyere KumawuDistrict65,40281,029
Sekyere SouthDistrict94,009116,477
Suame Municipal (← Kumasi Metropolitan)Municipal District161,199199,706

Bono Region  (← Brong Ahafo)



Berekum East MunicipalMunicipal District92,847117,537
Berekum WestDistrict36,78146,564
Dormaa Central MunicipalMunicipal District112,111141,999
Dormaa EastDistrict50,87164,419
Dormaa WestDistrict47,67860,467
Jaman NorthDistrict83,059105,210
Jaman South MunicipalMunicipal District92,649117,315
Sunyani MunicipalMunicipal District123,224156,186
Sunyani WestDistrict85,272108,031
Wenchi Municipal

Municipal District89,739113,712

Bono East Region  (← Brong Ahafo)



Atebubu-Amantin MunicipalMunicipal District105,938132,818
Kintampo North MunicipalMunicipal District95,480119,762
Kintampo SouthDistrict81,000101,494
Nkoranza NorthDistrict65,89582,622
Nkoranza South MunicipalMunicipal District100,929126,593
Pru EastDistrict72,79991,278
Pru WestDistrict56,44970,746
Sene EastDistrict61,07676,506
Sene WestDistrict57,73472,383
Techiman MunicipalMunicipal District147,788185,450
Techiman NorthDistrict59,06874,116

Central Region



Agona EastDistrict85,920101,674
Agona West MunicipalMunicipal District115,358136,443
Assin Central Municipal (Assin Fosu Municipal)Municipal District76,52590,637
Assin North (← Assin Central Municipal)District67,94280,534
Assin SouthDistrict104,244123,440
Awutu Senya East MunicipalMunicipal District108,422128,332
Awutu Senya WestDistrict86,884102,772
Cape Coast Metropolitan (incl. Cape Coast North Municipal, Cape Coast South Municipal)Metropolitan District169,894201,168
Effutu MunicipalMunicipal District68,59781,178
Gomoa Central (← Gomoa East)District138,790164,304
Gomoa EastDistrict68,28180,694
Gomoa WestDistrict135,189159,680
Komenda-Edina-Egyafo-Abirem MunicipalMunicipal District144,705171,278
Mfantseman MunicipalMunicipal District144,332170,509
Twifo-Ati MorkwaDistrict61,74373,119
Twifo-Heman-Lower DenkyiraDistrict55,13165,316
Upper Denkyira East MunicipalMunicipal District72,81086,233
Upper Denkyira WestDistrict60,05471,174

Eastern Region



Abuakwa Northk Municipal (← East Akim Municipal)Municipal District89,548112,856
Abuakwa South Municipal (← East Akim Municipal)Municipal District78,34898,756
Achiase (← Birim South)District73,21692,276
Akwapim North MunicipalMunicipal District75,77195,484
Akwapim SouthDistrict37,50147,265
Asene Manso-Akroso (← Birim Central Municipal)District76,87696,888
Atiwa EastDistrict49,63662,563
Atiwa WestDistrict60,98676,871
Birim Central MunicipalMunicipal District67,99385,689
Birim NorthDistrict78,90799,464
Birim SouthDistrict46,55158,672
Fanteakwa NorthDistrict59,43074,911
Fanteakwa SouthDistrict49,18461,994
Kwaebibirem MunicipalMunicipal District113,721143,336
Kwahu Afram Plains NorthDistrict102,423129,135
Kwahu Afram Plains SouthDistrict115,812146,026
Kwahu EastDistrict77,12597,208
Kwahu SouthDistrict69,75787,912
Kwahu West MunicipalMunicipal District93,584117,945
Lower Manya Krobo MunicipalMunicipal District89,246112,464
New Juaben North MunicipalMunicipal District58,73574,025
New Juaben South MunicipalMunicipal District124,992157,534
Nsawam Adoagyiri MunicipalMunicipal District86,000108,400
Okere (← Akwapim North Municipal)District60,71276,512
Suhum MunicipalMunicipal District90,358113,885
Upper Manya KroboDistrict72,09290,877
Upper West AkimDistrict87,051109,722
West Akim MunicipalMunicipal District108,298136,492
Yilo Krobo MunicipalMunicipal District87,847110,715

Greater Accra Region



Ablekuma Central Municipal (← Accra Metropolitan)Municipal District233,220294,022
Ablekuma North Municipal (← Accra Metropolitan)Municipal District184,731232,877
Ablekuma West Municipal (← Accra Metropolitan)Municipal District59,70875,254
Accra Metropolitan (incl. Ablekuma Municipal, Ashiedu Municipal, Okaikoi Municipal)Metropolitan Area440,946555,767
Ada EastDistrict71,67190,336
Ada WestDistrict59,12474,544
Adenta MunicipalMunicipal District78,21598,682
Ashaiman MunicipalMunicipal District190,972240,841
Ayawaso Central Municipal (← Accra Metropolitan)Municipal District142,322179,422
Ayawaso East Municipal (← Accra Metropolitan)Municipal District83,721105,546
Ayawaso North Municipal (← Accra Metropolitan)Municipal District99,777125,789
Ayawaso West Municipal (← Accra Metropolitan)Municipal District70,66789,225
Ga Central MunicipalMunicipal District117,220147,820
Ga East MunicipalMunicipal District147,742186,342
Ga North Municipal (← Ga West Municipal)Municipal District103,965131,129
Ga South MunicipalMunicipal District234,191295,344
Ga West MunicipalMunicipal District101,386127,841
Korle-Klottey Municipal (← Accra Metropolitan)Municipal District121,723153,452
Kpone Katamanso MunicipalMunicipal District109,864138,529
Krowor MunicipalMunicipal District102,059128,675
La Dade-Kotopon MunicipalMunicipal District183,528231,306
La Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalMunicipal District111,926141,124
Ledzokuku MunicipalMunicipal District125,873158,659
Ningo PrampramDistrict70,92389,387
Okaikwei North Municipal (← Accra Metropolitan)Municipal District228,271287,820
Shai OsudokuDistrict51,91365,461
Tema Metropolitan (incl. Tema Central Municipal, Tema East Municipal)Metropolitan District168,932212,926
Tema West Municipal (← Tema Metropolitan)Municipal District123,841156,134
Weija-Gbawe Municipal (← Ga South Municipal)Municipal District191,623241,629

North East (← Northern)



East Mamprusi MunicipalMunicipal District121,009153,225
Mamprugu MoagduriDistrict46,89459,378
West Mamprusi MunicipalMunicipal District121,117153,361




Gushiegu MunicipalMunicipal District111,259140,368
Nanumba North MunicipalMunicipal District141,584178,608
Nanumba SouthDistrict93,464117,895
Sagnarigu MunicipalMunicipal District148,099186,796
Savelugu MunicipalMunicipal District92,717116,975
Tamale Metropolitan (incl. Tamale Central Municipal, Tamale South Municipal)Metropolitan District223,252281,619
Yendi MunicipalMunicipal District117,780148,567

Oti (← Volta)



Krachi East MunicipalMunicipal District116,804146,402
Krachi NchumuruDistrict72,68891,179
Krachi WestDistrict49,41761,960
Nkwanta NorthDistrict64,55380,987
Nkwanta South MunicipalMunicipal District117,878147,927

Savannah (← Northern)



Central GonjaDistrict87,877111,318
East Gonja MunicipalMunicipal District105,702133,805
North East Gonja (← East Gonja Municipal)District29,74837,681
North GonjaDistrict43,54755,169
West GonjaDistrict41,18052,160

Upper East



Bawku MunicipalMunicipal District98,538122,641
Bawku WestDistrict94,034117,036
Bolgatanga East (← Bolgatanga Municipal)District28,25435,168
Bolgatanga MunicipalMunicipal District103,296128,548
Builsa North MunicipalMunicipal District56,47770,321
Builsa SouthDistrict36,51445,469
Kassena Nankana MunicipalMunicipal District109,944136,875
Kassena Nankana WestDistrict70,66787,987

Upper West



Jirapa MunicipalMunicipal District88,402109,308
Lambussie KarniDistrict51,65463,889
Lawra MunicipalMunicipal District54,88967,886
Sissala East MunicipalMunicipal District56,52869,923
Sissala WestDistrict49,57361,322
Wa EastDistrict72,07489,194
Wa MunicipalMunicipal District107,214132,646
Wa WestDistrict81,348100,644

Volta Region







Afadzato SouthDistrict95,030120,004
Agotime ZiopeDistrict28,01335,360
Akatsi NorthDistrict29,77737,517
Akatsi SouthDistrict98,684124,357
Anloga (← Keta Municipal)District82,686104,262
Central TonguDistrict59,41174,908
Hohoe MunicipalMunicipal District167,016210,769
Ho MunicipalMunicipal District177,281223,614
Ho WestDistrict94,600119,389
Keta MunicipalMunicipal District64,93281,810
Ketu North MunicipalMunicipal District99,913125,956
Ketu South MunicipalMunicipal District160,756202,734
Kpando MunicipalMunicipal District53,73667,831
North DayiDistrict39,91350,321
North TonguDistrict89,777113,245
South DayiDistrict46,66158,863
South TonguDistrict87,950110,777

Western Region



Ahanta West MunicipalMunicipal District106,215141,344
Effia-Kwesimintsim Municipal (← Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan)Municipal District232,617309,514
Jomoro MunicipalMunicipal District150,107199,725
Nzema East MunicipalMunicipal District60,82880,933
Prestea-Huni Valley MunicipalMunicipal District159,304211,918
Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan (incl. Sekondi Municipal, Takoradi Municipal, Essikado Municipal)Metropolitan District326,931435,009
Tarkwa Nsuaem MunicipalMunicipal District90,477120,344
Wassa Amenfi CentralDistrict69,01491,790
Wassa Amenfi East MunicipalMunicipal District83,478111,036
Wassa Amenfi West MunicipalMunicipal District92,152122,573
Wassa EastDistrict81,073107,849

Western North (← Western)



Aowin MunicipalMunicipal District117,886157,159
Bia EastDistrict27,39336,505
Bia WestDistrict88,939118,618
Bibiani-Ahwiaso-Bekwai MunicipalMunicipal District123,272164,652
Sefwi AkontombraDistrict82,467109,868
Sefwi Wiawso MunicipalMunicipal District139,200185,826

The 16 Regions In Ghana and Their Tourist Sites 

Ghana is an amazing destination in Africa for tourists. There are so many things the country can offer, from friendly locals, great foods, beautiful culture and festivals, adventure destinations, historical places, and picturesque sites

When it comes to tourist sites in Ghana, all the 16 regions have some amazing places to offer ( I mean all ). And as a tourist, you are not limited to any of these attractions. So when you are booking a trip to Ghana, get all the necessary gear ready for a safari adventure, historical adventure, and many more. 

I’m sure you’ve already read about all the 16 regions by now. So in this part of the article, I’m going to list all the 16 regions in Ghana and their tourist sites. 

16 regions in Ghana

1.Greater Accra Region Tourist Sites. 

Greater Accra is all in one place you can experience Ghana as a tourist. There are many tourist sites and amazing places to explore. Listing from Parks to historical sites and some of the beautiful beaches, the region has a lot to offer. 

Here are some tourist sites in Greater Accra Region you need to see. 

  1. Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum
  2. Accra Zoo
  3. Achimota Forest Reserve
  4. Osu Castle
  5. Fort James
  6. Ussher Fort

2.Ashanti Region 

The region is one of the best places in Ghana for historical sites. I think tourists need to visit the Ashanti Region for some historical lessons and learn a new culture because that is the cultural background of Ghana. There are a lot of places in the region you would love to see alone or even with your family. 

Here is a must-see attraction in Ashanti region for every tourist. 

  1. Bonwire Kente Weaving Town
  2. Kumasi Zoo
  3. Lake Bosomtwi
  4. Manhyia Palace
  5. Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary
  6. Komfo Anokye Sod Site

3.Western Region 

Western regions have always been my second favorite region among the 16 regions in Ghana . It’s a beautiful place for leisure and also a great adventure. When you’re looking for some of the best regions in Ghana with breathtaking attractions, then take a bus or book a domestic flight to the Western region and have a memorable trip. 

Check out some of the amazing places you can visit in the Western region. 

  1. Ankobra River
  2. Pra River
  3. Ankasa Protected Area
  4. Fort George
  5. Forge Orange
  6. Secondi Harbour

4.Eastern Region 

  1. Afram Plains
  2. Aburi Botanical Garden
  3. Bunso Botanical Garden And Canopy Walk
  4. Boti Waterfall

5.Central Region

  1. Cape Coast Castle
  2. Elmina Castle
  3. Kakum National Park
  4. Hans Cottage

6.Oti Region

  1. Kyabobo National Park
  2. Royal Lake View Beach
  3. Krachi Denteh Shrine
  4. Lake Volta

7.Western North

  1. Bia National Park
  2. Bonzain Waterfalls
  3. Krokosue Forest Reserve
  4. Abombirim Sacred Tortoise Forest
  5. Nyame Dua (The Tree Of God)

8.Bono Region

  1. Bui Boyou
  2. Bui Dam

9.Bono East

  1. Kintampo Waterfall
  2. Fuller Waterfalls
  3. Boaben Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

10.Ahafo Region

  1. Tano River

11.Northern Region

  1. Tamale Sports Stadium
  2. Kukuo Pottery Village
  3. Dakpema Palace

12.Savannah Region

  1. Larabanga Mosque
  2. Wenchiaw Hippo Sanctuary
  3. Mole National Park
  4. Daboya Salt Mine

13.North East

  1. Gambaga Escarpment
  2. Nayiri Palace
  3. White Volta
  4. Zayaa Mosque
  5. Buyuori Cave

14.Upper West

  1. Waa Naa’s Palace
  2. Gbollu Defence Wall
  3. Ferguson’s Tomb

15.Volta Region

  1. Mount Afadja
  2. Mount Adaklu
  3. Tagbo Falls
  4. Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary
  5. Wli Waterfalls
  6. Tafi Agome Caves

16.Upper East

  1. Paga Crocodile Pond
  2. Sombo Bat Sanctuary
  3. Tongo Rocks
  4. Naa Gbewaa’s Shrine

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