Eastern Region Travel Guide – All You Need to Know

by Kojo Pocu
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Well, I can bet with my last Cedi or Dollar that Eastern Region is the best vacation location in Ghana right now. That is just my opinion and you might not be in the same shell as me, so I understand. But if you are planning a trip to Eastern Region, Here is all you need to know – Featuring historical background, travel tips, Cost, places to see, where to stay, and more. 

My ultimate travel guide to Ghana can also help you travel around the country on a very cool budget and save more for your next trip. 

This particular guide will help you travel and know more about Eastern Region. 

It’s a small region. It is simple and easy to write a travel guide generalizing the entire diverse region. So this article focuses on all you need to know about Eastern Region. 

In this article I will share little historical background about the region, the best places to stay, where to see, things to do and of course, give you some tips on how to relate with locals and have fun. After all, that is what this blog is good at. Giving its reader all the details they need to know before visiting places. 

My Eastern Region travel guide is free. I’ve worked hard putting this information together for you. If it’s useful, please share with friends, family, and if possible your social media feed. It will help others have this information to Thank you. 

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What Is Eastern Region Known For – Historical Background

As I said, It is one of the best Vacation destinations in Ghana. 

The Eastern Region is popular for its tropical forests and ancient buildings, amazing waterfalls, popular traditional festivals, resorts, top hotels, and its instagrammable (picturesque) vacation locations. 

The region also contributes to some historical stories in the country. The birthplace and first place to have one of Ghana’s great resources, Cocoa. 

Eastern Region is where the first-ever cocoa farm was established by the great Tetteh Quarshie with seeds originally brought from Fernando Po Island. There is a little history about that and you would love to read more here.

The historical villages and towns speak of the rich culture in the east of Ghana. And this is a place you would love to visit and learn more about. 

Which People Are From Eastern Region

Though the region is not considered as one of the biggest in the country, it consists of so many Ethnic groups. The Eastern region consists of the Akyem, Akwapim, Kwahu, Krobo, and the Guans. Each of their ethnic groups has its own distinct, language, traditional festivals, and way of life.

You will know more and study their way of life if you stay with locals for a day or two. 

Capital of Eastern Region 

The capital town of Eastern Region is Koforidua. It is the most active town in the region and also one of the popular towns in Ghana. 

The region covers an area of 19,323 square kilometers, which is 8.1 % go Ghana’s total landform.


Whiles knowledge of English is obviously a huge benefit if you are traveling to Ghana. So you don’t need to be worried, locals will understand you. 

The language widely spoken in Eastern Region are Twi, Krobo, and Anum. Which Twi is common among them. 

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Districts In Eastern Region 

1Eastern RCCKoforidua
1Abuakwa North MunicipalKukurantumi 
2Abuakwa South MunicipalKibi 
3Akwapim North MunicipalAkropong Akwapim 
4Birim Central MunicipalAkim Oda 
5Kwaebibirem MunicipalKade 
6Kwahu West MunicipalNkawkaw 
7Lower Manya Krobo MunicipalOdumase Krobo 
8New Juaben North MunicipalEffiduase 
9New Juaben South MunicipalKoforidua 
10Nsawam Adoagyiri MunicipalNsawam 
11Suhum MunicipalSuhum 
12West Akim MunicipalAsamakese 
13Yilo Krobo MunicipalSomanya 
14Achiase DistrictAchiase 
15Akuapem South DistrictAburi 
16Akyemansa DistrictOfoase 
17Asene-Manso-Akroso DistrictManso 
18Asuogyaman DistrictAtimpoku 
19Atiwa East DistrictAnyinam 
20Atiwa West DistrictKwabeng 
21Ayensuano DistrictCoaltar 
22Birim North DistrictNew Abirem 
23Birim South DistrictAkim Swedru 
24Denkyembuor DistrictAkwatia 
25Fanteakwa North DistrictBegoro 
26Fanteakwa South DistrictOsino 
27Kwahu Afram Plains North DistrictDonkorkrom 
28Kwahu Afram Plains South DistrictTease 
29Kwahu East DistrictAbetifi 
30Kwahu South DistrictMpraeso 
31Okere DistrictAdukrom 
32Upper Manya Krobo DistrictAsesewa 
33Upper West Akim DistrictAdeiso

Planning A Trip To Eastern Region 

Eastern Region is generally very affordable, but that will depend on what you will be doing or where you will be staying. Exploring those fancy vacation resorts or locations is slightly more expensive than sleeping in cheap guest houses, hostels, or with locals, and touring top attractions. 

You can’t use a day to tour the region, see all the top attractions and enjoy all those activities. Spending two days or more will be the best travel plan to tour the Eastern region. 

Budget travelers can survive on around GH50 ($8.16) – Gh70 ($11.43) per day. Including transport, food, and paying for tourist sites.

This estimate is not for everyone. Some can spend less or more, that is what I survived on during my trip. Everyone travels differently and my style of travel might not work for you. This guide will help plan.  

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How To Get To Eastern Region – Transportation

Most people wish they could travel to Eastern Region by flight, but unfortunately, there is no Airport there so it’s not possible. It is not that far from Accra and you can even walk if you have enough energy (that was a joke), but honestly, it’s not far from the capital, Accra. 

One can visit the region with a V.I.P bus at transportation stations. There are so many bus stations in Ghana that have buses for Eastern Region. 

Another cheap way is to take a minibus (minivan). But there is not enough leg-room like the V.I.P buses. 

Joining Tour Groups

Joining a tour group is another best and easy way to visit the region. They have a very nice package that will suit all your budget and expenses. So they have buses to take you to your destination.

Rental Cars In Ghana – Self Driving To Eastern Region 

The best site to book your car is with Discover Cars. They search both local and international car rental companies to help you find the best possible price. This is the easiest way to rent a car and drive to Eastern Region. 

You can stop at your own interest and also help you tour other destinations before getting to the region. It is the best way to explore Ghana and Eastern. 

Find out more about Renting A Car In Ghana And Self-Driving to help you plan your adventure. 

Tourist Attractions In Eastern Region 

boti fall

1.Boti Fall 

The Boti waterfall is located at Huhunya in the Yilo Krobo Municipality which is northeast of Koforidua. And it’s just 30 minutes drive from Eastern Region’s Capital, Koforidua. It has a height of about 30 meters with a maximum speed of about 5km per second. 

Your trip to the region won’t be a complete one if you don’t visit the Boti falls. Not only popular in the region but also one of the popular waterfalls in Ghana hosting thousands of tourists every year. So I would highly recommend seeing the fall and enjoying some of the many activities they have on offer. 

Highlights on Boti Fall

  • There are sides of Boti falls. Which is the upper falls and the lower falls
  • Tourists or visitors will have to climb and descend over 70 steps when visiting and leaving the falls. 
  • Tourist or visitors can enjoy swimming at the fall, so don’t forget to go with a swimsuit if you would love to swim. 

 2.Aburi Botanical Garden

Located at Aburi in the Akwapim South District and is about 29km from Accra. It is a popular tourist spot in the Eastern Region hosting tourists every day. Almost every tourist visiting Ghana visits the Garden. The place is open every day and you don’t need to worry when it’s best to visit. 

The garden has a pretty good historical background and you would love to read more about it. It’s a perfect picturesque vacation location in Ghana with the entrance adorned with beautiful Royal Palm trees.

Highlights on Aburi Garden 

  • Best places to socialise with international and local tourist. 
  • VVIP garden is another part of the garden you would love to see. Tress there were planted by dignitaries who visited the garden and leave a lasting memorial like Queen Elizabeth II and more others 
  • Biking to the place can be another best way to explore the garden. That was recently added and there is a bike hiring service around to rent you one. 
  • Best picnic destination in the Eastern Region

3.Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa Farm 

This was the first cocoa farm cultivated from cocoa seeds brought from Fernando Po Island by the Legendary Tetteh Quarshie. The Cocoa seeds were planted on a farm at Mampong – Akwapim in the Eastern region.

Other cocoa farms were later established which has given birth to a vibrant cocoa industry in the country. It is believed that a few of the original first trees planted by Tetteh Quarshie can still be found on the farm. Relics and important artifacts used by Tetteh Quarshie is also on display at a museum that is situated on the farm.

4.The Big Tree 

As I said, the region contributes much to the historical background of the country. The Big Tree is said to be the biggest accessible tree in West Africa. It is the biggest with a span of about 12 meters in circumference and about 66.5 meters tall. You would love to read more on the Big Tree

5.Akosombo Dam

The dam is also known as the Akosombo hydroelectric project. It is a hydroelectric dam on the Volta River. Akosombo is one of the best vacation locations in Ghana, so you should visit and see the dam while you visit Eastern Region. 

Akosombo Dan is part of the Volta River, said to be the second-largest man-made lake in the world. It’s cover about 8,5o2 square kilometers which is 3.6% of Ghana’s land 

It can get really sunny at the dam so it will be great to wear a hat or cap. 

Where To Stay In Eastern Region

Eastern Region offers every type of accommodation you could think of. From top resorts to luxury beach hotels and guest houses. Accommodation prices in the region are similar to other vacation locations in Ghana. 

It could be higher at times depending on the season you visit. Major holidays such as Easter, Christmas, and their traditional festival will be very expensive. But there will still be accommodation that suits your budget. 

Here are some examples to help you according to your type of travel and budget. 

  • Resorts and fancy hotels: $150 – $400 per night 
  • Mid-Range Hotels: $60 – $100
  • Guest Houses: $8 – $30 

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best place to spend christmas in Ghana

Budget Travel Tips For Eastern Region

  • Using public transport can be a best way to explore the region. Cab driver would charge you a higher price once they see you a tourist. The have a way to know if you are new in town. 
  • If you want to spend less money on food, consider eating street foods then eating at those fancy resorts and restaurant. 
  • Joining a tour groups can be a best way to save whiles visiting the region. But you might not get the change and time to explore. 
  • Always negotiate when buying some.
  • Guest houses are cheap and that will help you save some money for your next trip. 

Best Time To Visit Eastern Region 

July and August is the best time to visit the Eastern Region. During that time, you will be lucky to meet up with their biggest traditional festival. 

Easter is also one of the best times to visit the Region. There is a paragliding festival every Easter in one of the biggest towns in the region, Kwehu.

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