7 Best Places to shop in Namibia

by Kojo Pocu
The Grove Mall of Namibia.

Namibia is a tourist hub and it draws many people looking to spend some quality time exploring nature. It also offers shoppers a variety of stores to shop from.

1.The Grove Mall of Namibia.

The Grove Mall of Namibia.

This is one of the best places to hang out with friends and family. With its variety of shops, this mall ranks as one of the top shopping centers in Namibia. It is safe due to its 24hr security services and it has great parking space. It is also easily accessible to everyone. It is just a few minutes away from the city center too. It has shops ranging from luxurious to some of the most affordable goods.

2.Belgian Chocolatique.

One of the most popular shops in Namibia, it offers the best chocolate in Namibia. Freshly made from the nearby Chocolate factory. It is the ideal shop to get your chocolate for gifts and hampers. They offer services to the corporate world too. They make chocolate with the logo of the company on the chocolate. Some of the leading corporate clients for Belgian Chocolatique, Namport, Namibia Media Holding, and Rolls Royce are a few of the biggest clients of Belgian Chocolatique. This goes further to prove the high quality of the chocolates made here. They produce over 90 varieties of chocolate flavors that promise to leave your taste buds screaming for more. Each chocolate and truffle that is made is well crafted with care and expertise to give that sensational flavor when it’s in your mouth.

3.Leder chic.

Leder chic

This shop sells some of the best leather bags. Yes, leather bags, but these bags are made from raw high-quality leather from animals. Some of which include buffalo, ostrich, elephants, and crocodiles. They also deal with the best Italian leather brands like Dissona, Cellini, and Polo. They have the best quality when it comes to handbags and luggage bags. The shop’s interior has a rich vibrant decor that also offers a variety of African leather collections. Some of which include springbok and ostrich.

4.Wecke and Voight’s.

Posing as one of the oldest and prestigious stores I’m Namibia is Wecke and Voight’s. It has over 126 years of experience in the business. It is well established over the years with different departmental stores. It has outlets in many places in Windhoek. It has divisions like the Spar Houchland, Wecke and Vought’s Wholesale, and Superspar Grove. Since it is a family business, it has very high core values that they maintain. They have selected local and foreign goods from other countries. Wecke and Vought’s is very convenient as it offers the best products that tourists and locals can both afford. Their prices are rather very competitive and reasonable just right to fit the challenging economic times. It has some of the best services and is easily accessible to all.

5.Western Curio World.

With some of the best raw skins in the market, the Western Curio World are dealers in the best raw, processed hide and skins of various African animals. It also has some of the best African curios. Some of their products include trophies like horns, hides and skins, leather bags, and leather belts. They have an open shop in Windhoek where buyers can go to view some of these products and make their choices.

6.Platz am Meer (Waterfront).

Platz am Meer (Waterfront)

The Platz am Meer is one of the most convenient malls in Namibia with over 70 shops, it is also very accessible and has great parking space. It also has luxurious apartments that are ideal for families. It also offers some of the best entertainment to engage visitors. It has stores and boutiques that are unique and tend to the needs of customers. It is also home to 3 anchor tenants. The Platz am Meer is located in the beach town of Swakopmund.

7.Wernhil Shopping

Wernhil Shopping

The Wernhil Park Mall is one of the largest malls in Namibia. It is located in Windhoek, the country’s capital. It offers a variety of shops and services that one can shop from. It was named after Werner and Hildegard List who were senior stockholders of the Ohlthaver and List Group of companies. This company is the owner of Wernhil Park Mall.

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