About Elands Bay – All You Need To Know

by Kojo Pocu
Elands Bay

Even though Elands Bay (Elandsbaai), a charming fishing community, is barely two hours away from Cape Town, it is about as remote as you can get given the short distance.

Eland’s Bay is one of those treasures that have managed to avoid the rush of development and city people to stake their claim on a piece of the shore. This is just sand and sea with little else to entice the typical tourist. The small seaside town is worth the difficult journey, especially since Verlorenvlei (lost natural wetland), one of the largest estuaries in the Cape West Coast region with thousands of birds, including flamingos and pelicans, is located on the approach to Eland’s Bay. The roads become increasingly deteriorated as you get closer to Eland’s Bay, and there is a dirt road detour to negotiate. Verlorenvlei is home to 232 different species of birds.

While freshwater and saltwater fishing are promoted as two of the best activities, Eland’s Bay is actually a fantastic place to see dolphins and whales. However, the locals will not hold back in informing you how the fish have fled this part of the coast, which has put an end to their way of life. However, strolling on the beach at Elands Bay, where there is little commercialization and where the word “relaxation” is not a euphemism for showy entertainment, is almost like heaven.

In season, one can dive for crayfish if they have a license. It’s also a surfer’s paradise known as “e-bay” to the surf community because of the sought-after left-breaking waves that make it similar to Jeffreys Bay but without the crowds. The Baboon Point cliffs are a popular destination, and the Bobbejaanberg Cave features shell middens and rock art (a deposit of shells). Whether or whether Baboon Point will be designated a heritage site is a subject of intense discussion.

Elands Bay Map

Elands Bay is a settlement in South Africa that is located on the Atlantic Ocean at 32°18′S 18°19′E / 32.300°S 18.317°E in the Western Cape Province. About 220 kilometres to the north of Cape Town is where the town is situated.

Elands Bay

Things To Do In Elands Bay

The Tin Kitchen

Elands Bay

A 300-year-old barn serves as the backdrop for the delectable local organic meat and fish dishes served at The Tin Kitchen rural restaurant. The calm, rural ambience is further enhanced by shaded seating spaces and immaculate grass.

They only use organic and locally sourced pig, beef, and lamb. The restaurant also provides outstanding seafood, including crayfish and calamari. Their homemade chips are unmatched and they cultivate their own salad and vegetables. Their night for stone-baked pizza is Friday!

Visit Verlorenvlei

Elands Bay

Approximately 25 kilometres south of Lambert’s Bay, the long estuary known as Verlorenvlei runs between the communities of Elands Bay and Redelinghuys. One of the most significant estuary systems in the Western Cape and one of the biggest natural wetlands on South Africa’s west coast is Verlorenvlei. Additionally, it is one of the few freshwater coastal lakes in the nation. The system consists of a lake and a reed swamp along the coast that are connected to the ocean by a tiny estuary.

The lake, which is about 13.5 km long and 1.4 km wide and is located in a region where the karroid and fynbos flora types meet, is surrounded by a stunning landscape. As a result, the area exhibits a high level of species variety that is indicative of an ecotone area.

Go Crayfish Diving in Elands Bay

Elands Bay

The small village of Elands Bay is highly recognized for both its excellent crayfishing and its status as a top surfing location. Go crawfish diving and then have a crayfish braai.

During the crayfish season, crayfish diving in Elands Bay is quite popular. The dates fluctuate every year, but the season generally lasts from the middle of November to the end of April. (You can get more specific information by contacting the Department of Sea Fisheries.)

Please Note:
You have to have a valid license to go crayfish diving in South Africa. Permits are available at any Post Office in South Africa.

Boegoeberg 4×4 Trail

Elands Bay

There is no denying the Western Cape’s beauty, which draws tourists from around the world on an annual basis. In reality, it is evidenced by the fact that a significant portion of the tourists are South African citizens who wish to escape the hectic pace of the city and take in the pure splendour of the Western Cape Province.

The Boegoeberg 4×4 Trail is an out-and-back route that may be completed without a guide’s assistance. However, the course can become quite slick during the rainy winter months because of the rain. This 25-kilometre track traverses through sand patches, loose rock, river crossings, and mountain passes. It is roughly six hours long and is officially graded between three and four. Boegoeberg also offers two shorter routes, one of which is round and quite difficult due to sand hills and riverbeds.

Elands Bay Cave

Due to its unique location in the area and its extensive collection of resources that speak to South African history, Elands Bay Cave was designated a provincial historic monument in 2009. The vistas from the cave, though, are much more beautiful than the rock paintings. In a stunning display of stillness, the mountain crashes into the Atlantic Ocean, demonstrating the immense strength and size of both earth and water.

The ancient San people, who were hunter-gatherers and lived in tribes, left their artwork in the cave. They had a profound knowledge of the area, its flora, and its fauna. They created novel techniques for gathering food, processing meat, producing garments, and treating illnesses using plants. As a result, they continue to be intriguing to study, even if merely to observe their archaic art forms on the stony faces of the mountains. Watch out for the depictions of human forms as well as the tiny handprints.

The Verlorenvlei Estuary’s mouth is close by, and the Elands Bay Cave is perched above Baboon Point, which is then over Elands Bay Beach. Always wear closed shoes and keep an eye out for snakes when strolling outdoors in the summer.

After exploring the cave, head to the beach for some world-class fishing or a long walk. On hot days, the best place to be is in the water – snorkelling, swimming or surfing the waves.

Best Accommodation Options At Elands Bay

Fork West Holiday Apartments

Fork West Holiday Apartments

Fork West Holiday Apartments provides lodging in elegantly decorated and thoughtfully designed apartments. The lovely Elands Bay beach is accessible by foot from the apartments, which are situated along the West Coast Way Wild Route. Parking spaces and barbecue grills are available.

Eight self-catering vacation apartments are available, with four on the first level and four on the second. A stunning view of the ocean and Bobbejaan Mountain can be enjoyed from two apartments on the top floor and two on the ground floor.

Scott House

Scott House

In Elands Bay, in the veld away from the centre on Vensterklip Farm, Scott House provides lodging. Vensterklip is the ideal location for bird watching, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, surfing, viewing rock art, enjoying wildflowers, or simply taking in the beauty of the surrounding environment.

A large vacation home in Elands Bay with views of the lovely Verlorenvlei is called Scott House. The cottage has a King-size bed and a single bed that can accommodate two adults and one child. There is a shower, toilet, and sink in the en suite bathroom. There is an open-concept living space with comfortable furniture and a fully equipped kitchen with all you need for a self-catering stay. The cottage boasts verandas on the front and back of the house, as well as fireplaces and barbecue grills.

In and around a 300-year-old barn, the farm’s Tin Kitchen country restaurant provides delectable regional organic meat and fish dishes. The calming, rustic ambience is enhanced by shaded seating spaces and immaculate lawns.

Robertson House

elands bay accommodation

In Elands Bay, Robertson House on Vensterklip Farm provides cosy lodging. Vensterklip is a location for bird watching, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, surfing, viewing rock art, admiring wildflowers, or simply taking in the beauty of the surrounding environment.

Maximum occupancy at Robertson Holiday House in Elands Bay is six adults and two kids. The home contains three bedrooms, each with a double bed and an en-suite bathroom; two have showers, one has a bath, and the third has a toilet, basin, and sink. On the broad enclosed veranda are two single beds as well. The kitchen is spacious and well-stocked with everything you need for a self-catering stay.

There is a sizable fireplace and indoor braai in the open-concept living and dining room. A patio with a table and chairs is located outside.


Vensterklip provides a variety of lodging options, including charming tiny cottages that overlook the Vlei and wonderfully renovated old cottages from the early 1800s.

The Scott House is one of the lovely old lodgings (sleeps six, two bathrooms, wonderful large stoep with vlei views). The Pump Station, which sleeps two (but can also accommodate children), is a perfect romantic getaway because it is apart from the rest of the property and has beautiful views of Verlorenvlei. The adjacent historic studios Fish Eagle and Pelican each sleep two people.

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