Doringbaai, Cape West Coast – Ultimate Travel Guide

by Kojo Pocu

Doringbaai is located immediately south of Strandfontein and Papendorp, farther up the West Coast than Lamberts Bay and Elands Bay. Here, time seems to move at a snail’s pace, and the sky and the sea serve as your daily barometers.

Essentially, Doringbaai is a tiny fishing community that was formerly known as Thornbay. It is well recognized for being the bay where Southern Right whales calve annually between May and November. It’s a sweet little community that’s perfect for getting away from it all, but it’s not for those looking for nonstop amusement unless you enjoy the persistent presence of the Doringbaai lighthouse and the sounds of water birds and breaking waves.

One of the main attractions of staying here is the lighthouse, which was completed in 1963 and is extremely attractive and has recently attracted a considerable bit of interest.

There are many reasons to travel to this remote, windswept, but utterly beautiful part of the West Coast, including walking on deserted beaches, hiking on nearby hills that give you a bird’s eye view of whales, visiting a world-famous succulent nursery, and seeing Namaqualand flowers in late winter and early spring.

The ruins of a once-vibrant plant that processed fish stand today, battered by waves during the harsh winter months. It describes the era when the region was teeming with sardines and pilchards. As long as you’re willing to collect them after receiving a license and there isn’t a red tide, you can still eat black and white mussels and lobsters today.

Things To Do in Doringbaai

Visit The Elands Bay Cave


Due to the fact that Elands Bay Cave is the only location in the vicinity with such an extensive collection of resources that speak to the South African past, it was designated a provincial heritage site in 2009. The views from the cave are wonderful, but they surpass the rock drawings in beauty. The mountain’s stunning descent into the Atlantic Ocean in complete quiet serves as a testament to the immense strength and size of both water and earth.

The ancient San people, who were hunter-gatherers and lived in tribes, left their artwork in the cave. They had a profound knowledge of the area, its flora, and its fauna. They created novel techniques for gathering food, processing meat, producing garments, and treating illnesses using plants. As a result, they continue to be intriguing to study, even if merely to observe their archaic art forms on the stony faces of the mountains. Watch out for the depictions of human forms as well as the tiny handprints.

The Verlorenvlei Estuary’s mouth is close by, and the Elands Bay Cave is perched above Baboon Point, which is then over Elands Bay Beach. Always wear closed shoes and keep an eye out for snakes when strolling outdoors in the summer.

Fryer’s Cove Vineyards


A crayfish packing plant was first created in Doringbaai in 1925 by the Dutchman Koos Bleeker. The Laubscher brothers were still living in the neighbourhood in 2000 after he hired Jan Laubscher to help with the factory’s construction.

They discovered Fryer’s Cove on a portion of their farm. The first three hectares of the vineyard were planted at Fryer’s Cove in 1999 by Wynand Hamman and his in-laws, who had studied at Elsenberg Agriculture College and had always dreamed of owning a wine estate. The first commercial farmer in the area, Richard Fryer, led a life committed to the neighbourhood, and his name inspired the name of the winery. The estate continues to promote economic growth in the area and sponsors local schools.

Best Accommodation Option In Doringbaai

Thornbay Accommodation 


On South Africa’s West Coast, in the southern Namaqualand region, in the coastal town of Doringbaai, north of Lamberts Bay and south of the mouth of the Olifant’s River, Thornbay Accommodation is the premier lodging option. In this setting, you can unwind completely in a welcoming environment.

Theu fully furnished, self-catering apartments at Thornbay Accommodation, each open onto a patio with a braai and spectacular sea views, frequently accompanied by breathtaking sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean. Thornbay welcomes well-behaved animals as pets (please inform them when making a reservation).

Each apartment has a double or single bed, all bedding and towels (excluding beach towels), a stove, microwave, kettle, toaster, refrigerator-freezer combo, cutlery and crockery, and a braai set. There is a TV with channels 1, 2, 3, Etv, and Mnet. A short distance from the apartments is a restaurant and a sports bar.

Visitors to Thornbay have the opportunity to buy their fresh fish or crayfish from the neighborhood residents while relaxing on their braai patios or strolling to the harbor when they see the tiny fishing boats returning with their catch of the day.

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