About Mamobi, Accra – All You Need To Know

by Kojo Pocu

Mamobi is a town in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. The area is known for its Accra Girls Secondary School and other inter-city issues with the neighbourhood Nima. Mamobi Market is situated nearby to Nima Overhead, and close to Maamobi and it is one of the popular markets for market women in Accra. It is said in some other blogs that Nima and Mamobi are the twin suburbs of the Accra metropolis and it obviously true due to the connection between these two areas. Mamobi and Nima are said to be the largest Zongo communities across the country.

It is made up of many migrant tribes from other parts of Africa particularly the sub-region of West Africa. Though the migrants have their leaders and speak their own dialects, the common language spoken in the area is Hausa. According to legends, the language was made popular by Hausa traders in cola and other commodities from northern Nigeria who travelled in the colonial days and settled in Communities in major towns and villages in Ghana. Whiles that is true of Mamobi and Nima, there are other reasons responsible for the increase in the size of the area such as the influx of demobilized soldiers of the Second World War and some low-ranked civil servants most of whom spoke Hausa.

A lot has been said or written about the area, Mamobi and Nima as they are among the ost populous Zongo settlements in Ghana. However, they are marginalized, deprived and/or dangerous communities to live in.

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