About Papendorp, Cape West Coast – South Africa

by Kojo Pocu

Along the West Coast Way, Wild Route is where you’ll find Papendorp. A little town on a significant river is called Papendorp. Deep along the West Coast, it is 300 kilometres from Cape Town via the N7 and the R366. The few homes are roughly a kilometre from the shore and provide views of the Oliphant’s River, floodplains, salt pans, and a variety of birds. The river leads up to a pristine beach that can only be reached on foot. Before reaching the trail to the bird hide, hikers must navigate steps and a boardwalk through a swampy region and past sparkling white salt pans.

The fynbos’ earthy tones stand out against the river’s vivid blue colour. Here, there are many birds and complete silence. It’s just you and nature as far white sand dunes grow. It offers a stunning view of the river and marshes, where a large diversity of bird species may be viewed (183 species).

Fishing in the estuary and salt collecting at the surrounding salt pans provide Papendorp’s livelihood. The old-fashioned method of processing salt is still used.

The rustic little church that looks out over the river mouth and the remains of the old mud and reed homes where the fishermen once lived are still visible. It is possible to purchase exquisite hand-embroidered linen at the community stitching project. Shell middens, which are archaeological remnants, are another draw. Papendorp is one of the few locations left on the West Coast where you may still witness simplicity in life as it once was.

Papendorp Map

Papendorp is a small village on the Atlantic Ocean coastline of Western Cape Province, South Africa. This village resides under Matzikama Local Municipality.


Things To Do In Papendorp

Fryer’s Cove Vineyards


In Doringbaai, a crayfish packaging plant was first established in 1925 by a Dutchman named Koos Bleeker. He hired Jan Laubscher to help with building the factory, and the Laubscher brothers were still residing in the region in 2000.

On a portion of their farm, Fryer’s Cove was discovered. Wynand Hamman and his in-laws founded Fryer’s Cove and planted the first three hectares of the vineyard in 1999 after studying at Eisenberg Agriculture College and had dreamed of owning a wine farm. The name of the winery is derived from Richard Fryer, the first commercial farmer in the area, who led a life committed to the neighbourhood. The estate continues to support local schools and seeks to create jobs in the area.

The brand’s Fryer’s Cove and Wines of Origin Bamboes Bay are used to sell their wines. Their 2008 Bamboes Bay Sauvignon Blanc, 2007 Bamboes Bay Merlot, 2007 Bamboes Bay Pinot Noir, 2007 Fryer’s Cove Pinot Noir, and 2007 Bay to Bay Sauvignon Blanc all won John Platter prizes most recently. These wines, whose tagline is “Forged by the earth, tempered by the sea,” have a maritime flavour as a result of their location.

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