About Redelinghuys, Cape West Coast – South Africa

by Kojo Pocu

Redelinghuys, the potato capital of the Sandveld, is about two hours drive from Cape Town. If you enjoy detours, it is located on the R366 between Picketberg and Velorenvlei, north of Aurora, and on the way to Elands Bay. The community is small and quaint, surrounded by lovely countryside, and, like other South African villages, it is dominated by a splendid church on its main street. There is also plenty of Victorian architecture to sate your desire for opulent, historical surroundings.

Initially, Wittedrift Farm served as the foundation of the settlement. Today, it is mostly utilized by people looking for some downtime, a getaway to the country, or to visit the Velorenvlei estuary, one of the largest natural wetlands and a RAMSAR protected site. Hikers and nature lovers are drawn to this region of the world from July through October because of its floral tapestry.

Visit Redelinghuys to see the old church, the Dutch Reformed Church and Bell, the Old Pastorie, which is now a guesthouse, and see Elands Bay, the Verlorenvlei, and the surrounding area. The town of Redelinghuys, which is surrounded by citrus, vineyards, vegetables, and potato farms, offers the getaway that urbanites seek. The town’s obscurity, which results from the fact that few people are aware of it, is essentially the only drawback, and many people are happy to see it stay that way after learning about the small community.

Redelinghuys Map

Redelinghuys is a village in the Bergrivier Local Municipality in the Western Cape province of South Africa, located about 160 kilometres north of Cape Town on the Verlorevlei River.

Redelinghuys map

Things To Do In Redelinghuys

Jakkalskloof 4×4 Trails

The Jakkalskloof 4×4 Trails‘ rises and curves are located in the South African province of the Western Cape, around 200 kilometres northwest of Cape Town. This country’s mountainous region offers fantastic 4×4 adventures together with breathtaking scenery and a wealth of other things to do and see.

The two separate Jakkalskloof 4×4 Trails (the Sand Route and the Mountain Route), located approximately 10 kilometres from the little inland community of Redlinghuys, can be finished in two to six hours, depending on how you combine them and your driving speed and technical prowess. Both trails are round.

The Sand Route is initially pretty simple and showcases the spectacular Sandveld fynbos. Then, it tests drivers and their vehicles with sharp dips, hair-raising twists, and soft sand. Of course, the sand is firmer and smoother to drive on during or after the rains. The Mountain Route has very steep climbs and descents and is very rocky. This calls for extremely skilled drivers who are prepared to lay tracks and choose lines as they go. If drivers are unsure of their own abilities, they should hire a qualified guide for this three to five-star trail. The Mountain Route lacks escape routes, but the Sand Route does.

Klein Tafelberg 4×4 Trail


The 18-kilometre Klein Tafelberg 4×4 Trail is a circular track that begins in the sand and features twists, turns, and some entertaining dune driving. After the sandy portion, which becomes softer and more difficult as the day warms up, motorists have the option of stopping at the picnic area or continuing straight onto the Adoons Mountain Trail, a rocky section with more impact. High ground clearance and low range 4×4 vehicles are required for this section of the road. Diff-lock has benefits. This beautiful stretch has ledges and steep rocky descents in addition to breathtaking views.

Sand, solid rock faces and rock steps or ledges make up the majority of the trail’s topography. It is a strictly supervised course and takes three to five hours to complete. It is officially rated between three and four. Drivers will be able to observe the magnificence of the local endemic fynbos and distinctive sandstone formations, which together turn the countryside into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Visitors who are in the area to take on the Klein Tafelberg 4×4 Trail are welcome to go for a stroll or a hike to take in the beauty of the surrounding countryside. Even though it takes three to five hours to complete, the Klein Tafelberg hiking trail is difficult for its length and well worth the effort. Don’t forget to pack your camera and binoculars.

Best Accommodation Options in Redelinghuys

Sandveld Dorpshuys


A variety of lodging choices are available in Sandveld Dorpshuys in Redelinghuys, which is situated between Piketburg and Velorenvlei. There are geese, pigs and chickens on the property and a beautiful garden for you to relax in. This is the ideal spot for a tranquil getaway with plenty of things to see, such as magnificent sunsets, a range of bird species, small game and more.

The Sandveld Dorpshuys guest house offers old-world charm in a stunning historic property that is more than a century old. This unique home has been meticulously refurbished by the owner, who painstakingly added to the atmosphere by outfitting the guest house with genuine antique furniture, original paintings, and mementoes from days gone by. Barbie and Sonja are always on hand to welcome you with open arms.

The rooms at Sandveld Dorpshuys have en-suite toilets and other facilities, and they are fittingly named after some of the numerous bird species that can be found nearby.

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