Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary

by Kojo Pocu
bomfobiri wildlife sanctuary

Unarguably, above 90 percent of travelers around the globe travel to see how beautiful nature can be. They travel to explore some amazing creature of nature and their way of life. Ghana is one of the best destinations for travelers to explore that beauty of nature. One of the few places in Ghana to see such amazing work of nature is the Bomfobiri wildlife sanctuary, located in the Ashanti region – Kumawu traditional area.

The sanctuary has been the home for some amazing creature since 1957 under the government of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (first President of Ghana) to protect the ecosystem of the Bomfobiri area. Since then, the sanctuary has received thousands of local and international tours. It is also regarded as one of the most distinct and beautiful wildlife parks in Ghana. The sanctuary was originally situated within the 16.8 km2 Boumfum Forest Reserve.

The Bomfobiri wildlife sanctuary was a sanctuary for birds, and after years it had been expanded to include other animals like Bushbucks, Monitor lizards, Baboons, Crocodiles, and many others. The sanctuary remains one of the must-visit wildlife sanctuaries in the country, due to hosting more animals. Aside from the presence of beautiful creatures, there are other attractions you would love to see and love to have a pictures with. Some of these attractive points include Lion Stone (a naturally carved stone resembling a lion), Stone Bridge, Bomfobiri waterfall (serving as a habitat for crocodiles), Wala waterfall (for swimming), and caves.

Baboons- bomfobiri wildlife

Thing to do at Bomfobiri wildlife sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is all-in-one destination for those who search for pure nature. There many activities you can engage in when you visit the Bomfobiri wildlife sanctuary. Put your adventure boots on and enjoy some activities like, hiking, mountain climbing, game viewing, bird watching, camping, and swimming.

bomfobiri wildlife

When to visit Bomfobiri wildlife sanctuary

The best time to see the animals at the Bomfobiri Wildlife sanctuary is within November which is the dry season. This is because the rainy season drives the animals deep into the forest.

How to get there

It is located about 80 km northeast of Kumasi.

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