Overland Airways Expands Fleet

Overland Airways Expands Fleet with Arrival of First Embraer E175

by Kojo Pocu

Nigerian regional airline Overland Airways has recently welcomed a significant addition to its fleet with the delivery of its first Embraer E175 E-Jet.

This milestone marks the beginning of a new era for the twenty-year-old airline, based in West Africa, and reaffirms its commitment to serving the region’s aviation needs. Overland Airways, affiliated with the Landover Aviation Services Company, also holds options for three more of these advanced aircraft, underlining its ambitious growth strategy.

The aircraft, bearing registration PR-ECJ (msn 17000938), is set to receive its Nigerian registration code, 5N, upon delivery. The arrival of the E175 E-Jet signals a departure from Overland’s predominantly turboprop fleet, as it seeks to enhance its operational capabilities and expand its reach both domestically and regionally.

One of the standout features of the E175 E-Jet is its dual-class configuration, providing 88 seats for passengers. This versatile seating arrangement is expected to play a pivotal role in Overland’s efforts to bolster capacity on its domestic routes and to venture into new regional destinations, enhancing connectivity in the process.

In tandem with this aircraft acquisition, the Ikeja-based airline has embarked on a strategic expansion plan within Nigeria. The airline has invested in new corporate offices and hangar facilities in Lagos, further solidifying its position in the industry. It’s worth noting that Overland holds the status of being an Approved Maintenance Organization, a certification awarded by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

Managing Director Capt. Edward Boyo expressed his enthusiasm for this significant development, stating, “Overland has an ecosystem of aviation excellence crowned with its E175 fleet. With Embraer, we now have very flexible options to grow our fleet and capacity to meet all future demand.”

Stephan Hannemann, Head of Africa & Middle East Region, Commercial Aviation at Embraer, emphasized the strategic importance of this partnership, saying, “Nigeria represents one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world; Overland and Embraer are committed to the support of its continued success with a product line perfectly suited to build connectivity across West Africa.” This highlights the symbiotic relationship between Overland Airways and Embraer, with a shared vision for expanding air travel in the region.

Source: Airspace-africa.com

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