Parktown North, Johannesburg – South Africa

by Kojo Pocu
Parktown North

One of the oldest residential neighbourhoods in the city with a quite interesting history is Parktown North, which is located in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg about north of Rosebank. Parktown North gets its name rather obviously from the fact that it is located north of the suburb of Parktown.

The Randlords, who back then controlled the diamond and gold mining industries, built their enormous manor residences on Parktown Ridge during the Gauteng gold rush, while Parktown North was originally used as their impoverished relatives’ living area.

Even though it is close to Jan Smuts Avenue, one of Johannesburg’s busiest thoroughfares that makes getting around the city that much simpler, these “poorer” homes are now highly sought-after colonial-style homes, and Parktown North, which has its own very active residents’ association, has an enviable village atmosphere.

When living in Parktown North, the centre of Johannesburg’s northern suburbs, there is no shortage of things to do. Many commercial and retail establishments can be found at Rosebank, which is also the location of the well-known African Market and Rooftop Craft Market (which, if nothing else, is worth visiting for the cheese alone). The stylish towns of Parkhurst, Greenside, Melville, and Norwood with their alluring high street culture, antique stores, intriguing eateries, and coffee shops are all nearby, and there are many restaurants to pick from in Parktown North.

Parktown north

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Parktown, Johannesburg

One of Johannesburg’s oldest neighbourhoods, Parktown is home to some pretty imposing homes that rival those in London in terms of grandiosity. Parktown is located between Westcliff and Saxonwold. These opulent mansions, some of which had fancy turrets and towers, were built by some of the most prosperous businessmen of their time and came to be known as “Parktown baronial.” The architects showed a clear tendency toward eclecticism, reflecting the original owners’ desire for parties, croquet on the lawns, and lavish parties. That is until Herbert Baker brought his own artistry to the neighbourhood, which included The Stonehouse, his own residence on the ridge.

As one of Johannesburg’s most affluent neighbourhoods today, Parktown is known for its Victorian houses and numerous Sir Herbert Baker designs. Additionally, locals and guests can now go visit some of these stunning homes rather than just driving by and gawking. The Parktown and Westcliff Heritage Trust offers weekly tours of the city’s past, one of which is in Victorian Parktown, where you can see The View, the oldest mansion in Johannesburg, which was erected in 1896.

When vacationing in Parktown, it’s easy to get to both Johannesburg’s downtown and its northern suburbs, including Sandton. The picturesque villages of Parkview and Melville, both of which offer eateries, art galleries, and little boutique-style shops that demand instant and prolonged investigation, are nearby, as are the Johannesburg Zoo and Zoo Lake.

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