by Kojo Pocu

Walvis Bay is the second-largest city in the country of Namibia. It is a very strategic city due to its natural deep-water harbor. It is also known as the Whale Bay because of the whales that roam its waters. In Afrikaans, it is called Walvisbaai. This captivating city was established in 1840. This city offers a rich history of Europeans like the Dutch, Germans, and the British who occupied the city centuries ago. The indigenous tribe with Herero people.

The city is a hub for tourists who are looking to explore, relax, and enjoy the nightlife. The geography of the city gives it the perfect ambiance. Its cool desert climate makes it very suitable for European visitors. The city has a mixture of tourist attractions from the dunes to dolphin watching out in the bay.

Walvis Bay is a truly remarkable place to have a good time. With its museum, beach resort, artificial Bird Island. You can bet numerous activities will interest you and beckon you. It is also home to some of the most unique marine and plant life. There is also the Walvis Bay lagoon and Aquatic activities like surfing, boat cruising, dolphin, and whale watching.

The Penguin islands are a generally pleasing sight to behold, with colonies of penguins making their home here. Here you can observe as these wonderful creatures cohabit together on the islands. Bird watchers are not left out as Walvis Bay has abundant birdlife which includes an artificial bird island.

Penguin islands

Another extraordinary thing about the city is its proximity to the dunes. The dunes of the Namibia Desert can be seen from here. Several guides offer people the chance to visit these tall dunes and hike. One of the tallest dunes is Dune 7.

Walvis Bay is also well known for its fabulous nightlife. The beach resort Langstrand can be located a few kilometers to the north. It offers visitors good music, German beer, and tasteful cuisines.

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