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by Kojo Pocu
best couple destinations in Ghana

There are so many attractions in Ghana you can visit. There is no doubt that these places are some of the best places to visit in Africa.

As a traveler there are so many things to do in Ghana because you can either relax on the beach, go to the safari, go to the mountains, swim at the Wli, watch monkeys at Kakum National Park, canoeing on Lake Bosumtwi, visit the palace of the Asanteheme at Kumasi or enjoy yourself by trying all some traditional foods.

There are so many things to do and places to visit. If you are in Ghana or planning a trip to Ghana, one of the best places worth seeing in Ghana is the popular safari in The Northern Region, Mole National Park.

All You Need To Know About Mole National Park

Mole National Park

The park has always been the best safari attraction in Ghana and also in West Africa. Almost every tourist visiting Ghana for the first time always adds Mole National Park to their bucket list. And the park is one of the best places in Ghana to experience a true safari. 

The Mole National Park is the largest wildlife refuge in Ghana. And the park has been an attractive site for many in the country due to its unique species.

Mole National Park was established in 1958 and was re-designed in 1971, with an area of 4840 km2. At its inception, the park was occupied by inhabitants of the Northern Region. The people were relocated to pave way for the area to be used as a reserve. 

Mole National Park Location 

mole location

The Mole National Park is a remote and tropical rainforest covered in weird and wonderful animals and plants. The main entrance is at Damongo, where guides will lead you through the beautiful forest to visit the various habitats.

The park is located 146km southeast of Tamale, in the Northern Region of Ghana, Mole National Park is a 15-hour journey by road from Accra if you travel with public buses.

Well, airlines are now cheap and comfortable. You would probably want to book a flight to the Northern region than using public buses. But if you enjoy road trips then buses are the best option. 

NB: Self-driving to the Northern Region can be dangerous unless you are traveling in a group. If you are considering self-driving to the Northern Region check out all you need to know about renting a car in Ghana and self-driving.

Mole National Park Animals 

The Park hosts about 1000s species. There are so many animals you can see at the Mole National Park that you can see anywhere in West Africa.

African Bush elephants can be found in groups or herds with a single male leading them. This large mammal is among the biggest living land animals with an average height of 13 ft and a weight of 10,000-16,000 lbs. The African Bush elephant can live up to 60 years. In Ghana, most of the elephants are found at Mole National Park. A study conducted on the Park shows over 800 elephants can be found at the Park. In terms of tree species, Burkea Africana, Isoberlinia Doka, and Terminalia macroptera are some of the species found in the forest.

There are other species like Buffalo, Kob, Western Hartebeest, Roan Antelope, Defassa Waterbuck, Oribi, Bohor Reedbuck, and Red-flanked Duiker. 

The park is also a home to rare and endangered species such as Yellow-backed Duiker and Black and White Colobus monkey.

Animals such as lions and hyenas used to be found in the park, however, these animals have gone distinct in the park over the last decade raising concerns about the survival of the forest in the coming years.

With regards to vegetation, local endemism is generally low in West African Savannah, and only two endemic species Kyllinga echinata, a sedge, and Ancilema setiferum var pallidiciliatum confined to northern Ghana, are found in Mole. In addition, three species endemic to Ghana are recorded, namely Gongronema obscurum, Raphionacme vignei, and Phinopterys Angustifolia. 

Mole National Park has so many to offer as a safari park in Ghana. Plan a trip to Ghana with your photography gears. Check out the ultimate travel guide to Ghana and plan your next trip.

Mole National Park Contact

It is always best to contact the Park to find out what you need to visit and when best to visit. Even for budget travelers, to know how much you are going to spend so you can have a nice budget plan. 

Call: 0244316777 


Mole National Park Hotel 

Probably you have to spend a night in the Northern Region if you really want to explore the beautiful Mole National Park. For accommodation, you don’t have to worry about where to stay and what to eat. There are few accommodations around the park for stay. For budget travelers, there is a hostel around you can book. 

Here are some hotels and hostels around the park for a safari stay. 

1.Mole Hotel

The hotel is one of the best places near the park where you can get a real safari stay experience. If you looking to spend the night and have breakfast with some monkeys, then Mole hotel is the best place to stay. Mole hotel is a 1-star rated facility located in the Mole National Park, northern Ghana.

2.Zaina Lodge 

Located close to the Park, the Lodge elegantly blends a safari sensibility with modern amenities and combines a luxurious visitor experience with sustainable business practices. Exterior surfaces are faced in native stone harvested from the Lodge site. Roofs are covered with woven thatch grass harvested in Northern Ghana.

Zaina Lodge is the best place around the Mole National Park where you can experience luxury on safari. 

3.Belgha Bar and Hostel

For backpacker and budget travelers looking to spend a night at the park, Belgha bar and hostel is the best place that suits your budget and will help you have for your next adventure.

the hostel has 2 rooms available for every 6 people. If you want to experience a safari in Mole or visit the mosque in Larabanga, then they are the perfect place for you to stay. Enjoy our comfy rooms with a tasteful breakfast in the bar. You can also choose to order a nice local dish or have a drink at our bar.

Best Time To Visit Mole National Park 

mole national park

Yes, it is best to know when is the right time to visit Mole National Park. Knowing the right time to visit places is the best travel tip every traveler should be applying before messing up a whole travel adventure. 

The best time to visit Mole National Park is during the dry season (mid-December through mid-April), that is when you can see herds of elephants moving around and bathing in the early or in the evening a couple of hours before the sunset

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