WLI WATERFALLS. The Tallest Waterfalls in Ghana and West Africa.

by Kojo Pocu
wli waterfalls

Wli waterfalls, the highest waterfalls in Ghana and also a popular tourist site near the village of Wli, which is not far from the Togo border. The waterfalls comprise of two distinct parts – the upper falls and the lower falls, while people are satisfied visiting the lower fall. For those who seek adventure hike to the upper falls. As per official records, more than 22,000 tourists visit Wli waterfalls each year. I Had my experience with Wli waterfalls back in high school and it was incredible.

The waterfall is also the highest in West Africa. The wli waterfalls is known locally as Aqumatsa waterfall – meaning ‘’Allow me to fall’’. It’s located in the Hohoe municipality of the Volta Region, the land of the Ewe people. It is approximately 280 kilometers from the country’s capital, Accra.

The waterfalls is most impressive from April, when you can hear and feel the flow of the water thundering down. Wli waterfalls descend from a height of about 1,600 feet. It takes about 40 minutes to walk from the Wli tourist office to the lower waterfalls along on an easy path. Much more challenging is the hike to the upper falls. Which takes about 2 hours and requires clambering in the place. You’ll be required to take a guide, included in the price.

wli waterfalls

Things to Do at Wli Waterfalls.

  • Visit the shrine for lesser gods, said was brought by village ancestors from Togo. Your guide will explain every history and other items of interest in the village.
  • You can visit the ostrich farm, it’s a new project with an NGO. Made to create sustainable jobs with income from the sales of eggs. The guide will send you to the 25 animals on the farm and explain its operation.
  • The branch from the main path with your guide to climb the steep and challenging trails to the upper falls.
  • Hike with the tour guide to the lower falls on an easy, mostly flat trail that crosses two rivers 8 times on the bridge.

Perfect Time to visit Wli Waterfalls.

Wli is open year-round. The falls are most impressive from April to October, when you can hear and feel the flow of the water thundering down. It plunges directly before collection into a large pool below, exactly the front of the mountains.  

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