10 Best Pubs In Osu You Should Visit For Fun

by Kojo Pocu
Bars In Osu

Honestly, one can visit Osu without a plan or a budget but will still have plenty of things to do and places to visit in that district. No wonder it is the best tourist destination in Accra and Ghana. The is the playground for the rich, poor, locals and international tourists. From supermarkets, restaurants, street vendors, prostitutes, clubs, and offices, Osu is not short of places to drink, relax and enjoy. In every corner of the bustling district, you will be sure to find a fun place where you can hang out. There are plenty of pubs in Osu you should consider visiting for fun.

Depending on what you’re looking for, Osu boasts a variety of bars and other places. In Osu, you can find anything you’re looking for, from a classic Irish or English pub to a real Ghanaian drinking hole to a hip hangout. You may frequently find stylish, trendy pubs in the Osu region that cater heavily to the Instagrammable set.

In this post, Mrpocu.com will list top pubs in Osu you should visit for fun. From some of the popular pubs to local and tourist-friendly pubs. Scroll down and start planning your night out with my guide.

Best Pubs In Osu

Pubs In Osu


Young travellers continue to frequent visit Venus’s lush patio during the day to sip coffee and order something to eat from the Lebanese-inspired menu. Venus transforms into a bustling bar at night as the consumption of cocktails increases.

Pubs In Osu

Shisha Lounge

This bar is a quaint little hole in the wall with an amazing treehouse construction where you can enjoy beverages outside. It is sleek and stylish inside, and from Thursday to Sunday, it is crowded with partygoers and the newest music. To go with your cocktail, try one of their amazing wood-fired pizzas if you start to get hungry.

Pubs In Osu

Purple Pub

This modest but always bustling pub lies in the centre of Osu, close off Danquah Circle, and offers the excitement of Accra street life. It’s a terrific place to relax and enjoy a club beer under the stars while the newest local music is flowing and Accra’s bustle passes by. It’s also great for bar crawls. Street dancing is also encouraged because it is unconventional and always entertaining. Purple pub is the most comment among all pubs in Osu.

Pubs In Osu

Republic Bar and Grill

Cocktails laced with akepeteshie can only be found in a pub-meets-street-venue setting. Their cocktails are always well-liked (and potent!) since they are flavoured with regional ingredients like coconut, hibiscus, and sugar cane. One of the most well-liked bars in Osu, Republic specializes in live music evenings, and there is usually something going on there.

pubs in Osu

Honeysuckle Pub Osu

This ever-growing and well-liked sports bar is based on a traditional old English tavern. Heavy carpeting, dark wood, booths, high bar stools, and big screens showing English news and European football are to be expected. Excellent location for after-work happy hour or just a cool pint. Honeysuckle pub is one of the pubs in Osu.

pubs in Osu

Firefly Lounge Bar

Firefly is a self-assured nightclub that draws a well-dressed international crowd with its industrial elegance of whitewashed brickwork, low lighting, and edgy sounds. Premium blends fill a backlit bar, where drinkers of wine, spirits, and speciality cocktails pull up stools to talk with cheerful staff who are wearing braces and the occasional jauntily tilted hat.

pubs In Osu


Serallio in Osu will be perfect for you if you’ve been watching programs like Issa Rae Insecure. This area may be customized for various themes and occasions, but when the mats and pillows are laid out and the shisha is available, it’s ideal for just relaxing.

Locating a hangout is popular in Accra. Once you find a place, like Serallio, you could choose to keep it to yourself at times or invite everyone over at other times. This would be one of the locations chosen if the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland were to host a tea party in Accra. One-off because there are many places in Ghana to spend a wonderful relaxing day. The restaurant’s outdoor chill does minimalism really well. You must keep in mind that Ghana is hot, and the nights can occasionally be cold and humid. As a result, it is customary to sit outside and enjoy the evening air.

Plot 7

Plot 7

The Plot 7 (Seven) Club in Osu offers a buzzing and upscale setting that draws a diverse group of “today people,” or in today’s parlance, hipset. With its chic, contemporary design, fantastic beverages, and top-notch DJs. Some people would argue that, overall, it’s a nice hangout and should be recommended to visit when in Accra.

Every Friday starting at 7 o’clock, if you decide to drop by with your dance shoes and feet on, you can enjoy Kizalsa.

Bars And Night Clubs In Osu

Kona Bar and Grill

This institution on Oxford Street has three separate areas for customers to enjoy, but the Sky Bar, Kona, which provides a view of Oxford Street at night, is the most well-liked. There is a capacity limit for the location, thus it is encouraged to arrive early.

Bloom Bar

When individuals are asked about bars and pubs in Osu, they immediately mention The Bloom Bar. It’s a pretty cool place to hang out with friends and relax. This hangout is held prior to the main event or hangout. This location has evolved into the go-to spot for individuals seeking attractive scenery for their travel-related Instagram and YouTube videos. The area is fairly open and resembles a medium-sized outdoor area that is lit up. Standing back, it appears really attractive.

Be aware that this establishment like to draw in customers who are well-groomed, so if you plan to leave, you might need to put in a little extra effort because the door staff has been known to refuse visitors. To avoid standing in line for a long time, guys, arrive with one or two female friends. Prior to the weekend rush, it is advised to visit between Tuesday and Thursday. Masks must be worn, contacts must be registered and their hands washed upon arrival. 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

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