Air Mauritius

Air Mauritius: CEO and CFO suspended

by Nathan Buabeng

Krešimir Kučko’s appointment as the CEO of Air Mauritius in December 2022 was seen as a ray of hope for the airline’s recovery after more than two years under interim management. However, just nine months into his tenure, Kučko’s leadership has been marred by allegations of a significant conflict of interest, retro commissions, and bribery, casting a shadow over the airline’s already precarious situation.

Kučko, known for his reputation as a “cost-killer,” was entrusted with the responsibility of implementing Air Mauritius’ rescue plan. Still, these allegations threaten to undermine the very essence of that plan. The allegations suggest that Kučko may have engaged in activities that run counter to the airline’s best interests, jeopardizing its financial stability and reputation.

These allegations of misconduct have sent shockwaves through the aviation industry and raised questions about the transparency and ethics of leadership within the company. Air Mauritius, which had already faced financial challenges, now finds itself grappling with an additional crisis that could further hinder its path to recovery.

As investigations into these allegations unfold, the future of Air Mauritius hangs in the balance. The airline, its stakeholders, and the public await the outcome of these inquiries, which will likely have far-reaching implications for both the airline and Kučko’s career.

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