Collinson: Each year, British tourists spend up to £350 at airport terminals.

by Nathan Buabeng

British travelers spend between £300 and £350 annually in airport departure terminals, according to new research from lounge operator Collinson.

97% of Britons spend money at the airport before flying, with an average spend of £50 every visit to the departure terminal, according to a study by the owner and operator of Priority Pass and LoungeKey.

For frequent travelers, defined as individuals who take between six and seven flights annually, this equates to between £300 and £350.

Spending on food and drink at airports is at its greatest level. 56% of those surveyed spend the most money in this category, while 38% spend the most on duty-free products like fragrances and aftershave.

Books, periodicals, and newspapers come in second with 36%, followed by alcohol at 31% and accessories like sunglasses at 20%.

For more details on what may be purchased in the departures terminal, see the table below.

When asked about the motivations behind their purchases, 21% of respondents stated that they made them to “alleviate boredom,” while 18% indicated it was to reduce stress.

According to the study, only 28% of Brits are aware that airport lounges frequently have showers, and only 13% are aware that spa services are sometimes provided. Only 22% of people are also aware that purchasing a lounge pass entitles them to discounts at airport shops.

Among those who do take advantage of the amenities offered by the airport, 5% get massages, 7% take showers, and 11% sleep in the lounge.

Collinson claims that people in the age range of 25 to 34 are the most “in the know” when it comes to taking advantage of airport perks, with 63% of respondents in this group claiming to have utilized a lounge in the past.

Collinson’s president of EMEA, Chris Ross, says:

We wish to provide access to a universe of travel experiences that enhance the overall adventure with Priority Pass and LoungeKey. In-airport experiences like dining, gaming, or relaxation areas, as well as access to airport lounges, which provide travelers with a quiet, connected space to relax or work in, as well as pre-flight bites, drinks, and other, added benefits that help you refresh and revive, make it the best way to elevate your travel experience.

“We’re always searching for new, creative ways to be the ideal travel companion, such as letting members reserve airport transfers and vehicle rentals when they arrive and giving them access to additional wellness opportunities like memberships in exercise apps. Our goal is to provide top-notch airport experiences that make travelers happy.

RWB conducted the study between August 4 and August 9, 2023, polling 2,074 persons in the UK. Collinson and Plaza Premium Group earlier this year came to a new global deal that gives members access to 63 lounges throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

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