Nigeria-based Air Peace orders five new Embraer E175s for fleet expansion and renewal

Nigeria-based Air Peace orders five new Embraer E175s for fleet expansion and renewal

by Nathan Buabeng

Air Peace, Nigeria’s largest airline, is taking a significant step forward in its ongoing efforts to modernize its fleet and become a major player in African aviation. The airline has placed a firm order for five Embraer E175 aircraft, solidifying its commitment to enhancing domestic and regional connectivity while paving the way for further expansion across the continent. This strategic move aligns with Air Peace’s vision to operate the largest and youngest fleet of aircraft in Africa, reaffirming its dedication to providing passengers with top-notch service.

The acquisition of these E175 aircraft complements Air Peace’s existing fleet, which includes Embraer’s newest and largest jet, the E195-E2. The addition of these smaller aircraft will enable Air Peace to dynamically adjust capacity to meet passenger demand effectively. This flexibility is vital in safeguarding profitability and ensuring the viability of various routes within its network.

Mr. Allen Onyema, the Chairman and CEO of Air Peace, emphasized the airline’s commitment to connecting not only Nigeria but the entire African continent. He highlighted the importance of the acquisition in furthering the airline’s “no-city-left-behind” initiative. Connectivity is a critical factor for both passengers and the growth of African aviation, and Air Peace aims to address this need. Furthermore, the deal with Embraer opens the door for establishing local maintenance capabilities in Nigeria, a move that will enhance the airline’s operational efficiency and self-sufficiency.

Embraer, the manufacturer of the E175 aircraft, praised Air Peace’s strategic and innovative approach in the West African aviation industry. As an existing E2 operator, Air Peace’s decision to upgrade its ERJ145 fleet with the E175 makes sense, offering passengers more seats and improved comfort. The commonality of cockpits between the E1 and E2 fleets simplifies aircrew training and management, reducing operational complexities.

Stephan Hannemann, VP of Sales & Marketing and Head of the Africa & Middle East Region for Commercial Aviation at Embraer commended Air Peace’s significant investment in its Embraer fleet, which has now grown to 18 brand new firm aircraft. He emphasized Embraer’s commitment to supporting the establishment of local maintenance capabilities in Nigeria, a move that will not only benefit Air Peace but also contribute to the development of the Nigerian aviation industry.

In summary, Air Peace’s decision to order five Embraer E175 aircraft represents a strategic move in line with the airline’s commitment to modernization, growth, and enhanced connectivity. With this acquisition, Air Peace is poised to strengthen its position as a powerhouse in West African aviation, offering passengers more options and ensuring the vitality of its routes. Additionally, the partnership with Embraer for local maintenance capabilities underscores the airline’s dedication to self-sufficiency and the development of the Nigerian aviation sector. As Air Peace continues to expand its fleet and network, it remains a vital player in connecting Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

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